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Country:, North America, US

City: -112.015 Arizona, United States

  • Pen Name - Wish that the seat didn't lean so far back, ...

    Wish that the seat didn't lean so far back, or could come up to sit closer... my little one fights the straps to get his snacking. ..

  • Ckaiya - I can't believe it actually worked

    I saw this product while going to my tanning salon. There was a flyer on the table, and a book of local people's photos who have tried the product. I couldn't believe that something so simple as slapping on a wet paper could really do any real impact. I am a life-long dieter who has struggled with losing weight and keeping it off. I have loose skin from my weight loss, and was looking for something besides surgery to help tone. I thought, it just can't be that simple. Every time I went to the gym, that flyer caught my eye. After two months of debating whether or not it could really do what it promised, I showed the flyer to my husband. He told me that for $30, it was worth the risk. I am not someone to waste money, but I just really felt compelled to give this a try. We bought two applicators from the gym, for $25/piece. They are cheaper on amazon, but I just wanted to get them asap. I tried one on my back, where the fold of skin is underneath the ribs, and I let it sit for an hour. I took measurements before hand, and wrapped saran wrap three times around my midsection. I didn't do it tightly, because I wanted an accurate measurement from the applicator, not from the compression of the saran wrap. I took it off an hour ago, and just measured again. I literally started tearing up when my husband showed me the measuring tape. It wasn't tighter than the first time he measured at all, and I lost .9 of an inch...almost an entire inch off in just an hour. I have the second one on my stomach right now, and I can't wait for the results. I suggest the saran wrap on top because the applicator is somewhat slimy, and it's nice to have a barrier/support on top if you don't plan to stand still for an hour waiting for the results. The body wrap itself smells minty and herbal. I like it, but for some people it might smell too "natural." It tingles slightly, like you have biofreeze or Icyhot on it. I don't mind it, it feels quite refreshing. The wrap is quite large, and covers my entire stomach and wraps around to the sides nicely, covering the "love handles." I plan to purchase a box of 4 wraps and try it on my arms if the stomach application goes as well as my back. For people who have loose skin, this is an amazing find. It's not going to fix poor eating, or make you lose that extra 10, 20, 50, etc pounds you have on your body, but it will help boost your confidence and make your clothes fit a little looser. I'm so happy my husband encouraged me to buy this...I think anyone who has $25 and an hour of time will feel the same way.

  • Linda T - Helps even skin discoloration

    I purchased the Retinol Cream from Uptown Cosmeceuticals about a month ago and it really is a great product! It immediately worked great as a moisturizer and I noticed my skin was softer after a few days use. I have also noticed that the small sunspots on my forehead from repeated sunburns have seemed to lighten and the darkness under my eyes has diminished. I really love the style of the pump too. It keeps the lotion from drying out at the end of the pump.

  • Melissa J. - Tasty, helpful tea!

    I have been drinking this tea every morning for only a few days so far, as well as taking a Kapha capsule supplement (Ayurveda Body-Type Kapha by Irwin Naturals 90 Softgel) for the same length of time, and I already feel GREAT! I've always had a tendency to feel like my head was a little "foggy", especially lately when I've had a lot of stress and felt a bit depressed. But since drinking this tea and taking the supplement, my mind feels totally clear--more clear than I think I've ever felt before! It's amazing! I feel like I can finally THINK! And, I am feeling much more alert and like I can be productive--even from the moment I wake up, before I even have my tea in the morning! Hopefully that means I'll never feel the need for caffeine in the morning, again....

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