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Home - The Emporia, Kansas Police Department is dedicated to providing the citizens of Emporia with professional quality law enforcement towards ensuring protection of life, liberty, and property.

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  • Josh - Great TV With Two Caveats

    The picture on this TV is great. The design of the TV is also very nice, and I love how the frame around the picture is thin. I have to dock a star however, for a couple of reasons: 1) the sound is not the greatest 2) you MUST use a modern speaker system that has optical audio inputs (or purchase a digital audio to RCA converter cable/box) because the RCA audio jacks will only work when the device you are using produces video (i.e. a DVD player). In addition, you cannot rig this TV to use 3.5mm headphones, even if you purchase an RCA male to 3.5 mm female cable. If you want to listen to the TV through headphones, you need to purchase a sound bar or speakers (with a digital audio input) that has a headphone jack OR, if you have a cable box hooked to your TV and that cable box has the red and white audio jacks, you can use an RCA male to 3.5mm female cable and hook that directly into the back of your cable box. However, you will only be able to use the headphones when you are watching cable.

  • Jen H. - Priceless

    I could complain about the cost, but having a milk protein free option out there is priceless. My 2 m/o transitioned from breastmilk to this is a day. His rash is better after two weeks. What a relief! My only request is that they make it organic.

  • Amazon Customer - Great boot, so far...

    Was researching hiking boots online, having worn out my last pair of Timberlands. I am a regular hiker, backpacker and camper, so having the correct foot where is very important to me. I loved my Timberlands, but my biggest issue with those was that the tread always seemed to where out too fast for my liking. I found several boots that I wanted to find locally to try out before buying. These Merrells were not on my list. What a mistake! I was at Dick's Sporting Goods trying on some of what I had researched and was very disappointed in what I was finding. These were on the rack, so I tried them out. I normally where a size 11, but when I put that size on I felt like my feet were being squeezed. Not a good thing, but I beyond that these boots felt like they had potential. I decided to go a 1/2 size bigger and my oh my what a fit. I have now had them for a grand total of two days and have taken the dog out on two walks totaling about 3miles and have been wherein get them around the house for break-in. That almost seems unnecessary as these boots fit me about as perfectly as I could ever ask. The price was the same as online. The real test will come when I trap on a backpack for a multi day trip. I will follow up after that.

  • Natalie P - Warning- burners turn on on their own! Safety Hazard!

    At first I liked the product to help us through a kitchen renovation. But I noticed that the right burner would randomly turn on and start heating on its own. Scary fire hazard. I resorted to always unplugging immediately after cooking. Then while cooking, the burners would turn off. I'd have to adjust the knob to get it back on again. It was frustrating when cooking for any length of time because I had to constantly watch the activation button. In the end it served its purpose so I could boil water or cook eggs while our kitchen was under construction. I would not recommend this product for others because of what a safety hazard it is.

  • Teresa26 - I have thinning, highlighted hair, needed conditioning, ...

    I have thinning, highlighted hair, needed conditioning, due to heat styling and processing. Hair is softer, didn't care for the scent.

  • John Conner - Made in the Shade

    This window shade fit my Honda windscreen perfectly. It doesn't roll up as tightly as I'd light leaving it a little bulky and more difficult to transfer to the back seat than the old sun-shade, but the perfect fit makes up for it.

  • J. Lee - After used this for several times my face getting super dry. I was shocked to find out that ...

    After using this several times my face became super dry. I was shocked to find out that the first ingredient that has the most was Acetone. And after I googled acetone toxicity I shocked more.

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