Probelogic- Smart Transducer Technology to Repair Ultrasound Probes - Are you looking for smart transducer technology to repair or replace ultrasound probes? Contact us now to repair your probes by experts.

  • About Us- Probelogic - Probelogic's focus is the provision of premium quality repairs and excellent customer service for the diagnostic imaging sectors of healthcare in Australia.
  • Ultrasound Probe Testing Services - Probelogic - Probe testing and analysis is a three step process that will uncover any degradation that has occurred within the entire structure of the transducer.
  • Ultrasound Probe Repairs At A Fraction of The Cost Of Replacement - Our "Quality Assured" probe laboratory,specialises in advanced repairs and refurbishment of most brands of transducers in cheaper than the replacement cost.
  • Probe Care- Probelogic - As part of our commitment to excellence and serving our client’s needs, we supply our subscribers with very useful information regarding probe care.
  • General Equipment Servicing and Repairs - ProbeLogic - Probelogic is equipped to help you with your servicing and repair needs.All repairs are carried out the best quality and covered by our 3 month warranty.

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  • Angela Montague - excellent product and I used in conjunction with the diatomaceous ...

    works well......i sprayed every 2 to 3 days for the 1st month. then once a week for the next month. haven't seen any since the 1st month but sprayed just to be sure the 2nd month. its been 3 months now. and have had no problems. No more bugs...excellent product and I used in conjunction with the diatomaceous powder.

  • Giacomo Capizzi - Not all SUPPLEMENTS are created equally.

    This product has truly changed my life. I used to suffer from migraines about 3 a week and noticed after my second day on Zeal my migraine actually went away. I used to pop Excedrins left and right and no longer need to take that for my migraines. My body also doesn't properly absorb vitamins and nutrients from supplements in pill form, so the fact that this is powder form and you add water it becomes bio-available, it also works at the cellular level repairing damaged cells. We all know what damaged cells do. It;s the only product in direct sales to ever be clinically studied by the FDA and re-classified as a FUNCTIONAL FOOD as of 2015. Look up FUNCTIONAL FOOD on Wikipedia. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that if you put the best nutrients in your body the body has repair itself. Zeal Wellness is loaded with 39 of the worlds most powerful superfoods. I suffered with ANXIETY for many years and would have trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Things roll off my back much easier now and I sleep like a baby at night. I used to take daily naps and was always tired -- I've been taking Zeal Wellness for about 16 months and no longer need to take daily naps. I function so much better and no more BRAIN FOG! I also shed 15 lbs in my first 3 months of unwanted weight I had gained.

  • Kayla Steffens - The nail get's weird because the tips are stickers! ...

    The nail get's weird because the tips are stickers! They are slightly transparent so they aren't perfectly white. When filing them, they break instead of fitting right. I've used stick on nail polish and never had this problem.

  • Scout772 - Real Billy?

    I can't say I've ever been a fan of Billy Bob Thornton but I must admit he is perfect in this role, in this series.

  • Daniel Swartz - Also a side effect (if you want to call it that) was it gave me some seriously painful burps. Almost as if the pill dissolved in

    Took it for 2 months and saw no difference. I have had a vasectomy and am over 50. IF that makes any difference. Also a side effect (if you want to call it that) was it gave me some seriously painful burps. Almost as if the pill dissolved in my throat. I took it with a large glass of water and sometimes even 2 glasses but I would still get the burps.

  • Amazon Customer - Great book

    Out of all the books I read by Nicole jackson this one is my favorite. I love all her books but keyasia and wale have easily became my favorite couple. Wale is really Bae. I loved their relationship. I went through all the motions with them. Great book!!

  • Chris Virgin - Great intro to stocks

    This book is a great first read about the stock market. The author presents some basic technical info (P/E, Price/Book, MACD, RSI and others) in a simple and concise way while also providing insight into what the metric means about a company and how it may be manipulated (Earnings, for example).

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