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  • Kristen - You will never use another water conditioner for your aquarium

    I once threw off the nitrogen cycle in one of my tanks when I treated it with some medication. I didn't realize this until I tested the water right before a partial water change and saw that my ammonia readings were off the chart. I increased the % of water changed and added Seachem Prime according to the directions on the bottle. I continued to test my water daily and was doing partial water changes with Prime every 1-2 days. The ammonia finally dropped, but then my nitrites flew off the charts. I continued the routine of water changes with Prime, sometimes adding extra (per instructed on the bottle). The cycle finally completed and not a single fish died. As a matter of fact, not a single fish ever acted distressed or sick in any way. I honestly don't think those fish would have made it without this product.

  • Patricia G. - I was impressed how fast they came and how easy they were to put on my jeep

    I was impressed how fast they came and how easy they were to put on my jeep! They do the job I wanted them to do... :)

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