Promotor Digital - Passo a passo para se tornar um promotor digital de sucesso - Passo a passo de como montar um negócio altamente lucrativo e rentável na internet, iniciando do zero e se tornando um expert em apenas 30 dias

  • 1-Mes-de-Vendas-Em-7-Dias - Eu vou mostrar em detalhes todo o processo que eu fiz para fazer 1 mês de vendas em 7 dias aplicando uma estratégia simples e pouco explorada. Vou mostrar o pa

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • A. Thompson - The World Ends and We Find Safety

    I watched this video many times; I live the players, all of them and the scenery and their travels...It was exciting to see this version of the end of the world: this country, other countries and all these people embarking on an unknown journey to safety. This was a great movie.

  • Justin Carlson - Neat idea, but not enough exercise and community features to justify getting over competing products

    I like the moov approach for workout activity rather than just counting steps throughout the day. The walking app is a neat idea but it talks too much, even when changing the setting to talk less. The biking app works good, but so do other biking apps. The 10 minute workouts are a neat idea and kind off work, but just aren't motivating enough or flexible enough (like if you wanted to add more reps of a certain exercise).

  • Gave me much hope - Gave me much hope

    This was one of the first books I read after being diagnosed in 1995. I was engulfed in incredible fear beyond words. This book gave me my first ray of hope that we can do much with nutrition and how each one of us needs to take an active part in our healing.

  • B. Nyleen - Awesomness at a great price!

    We love this machine, it works very good. It is also a great price for what you get. The only beef we have with it was the packaging. The screen didn't have any protective plastic on it so it is scratched up a bit. We would recommend if you are looking at treadmills that don't cost a tone of money, this is the one.

  • End User - Sufficient enough for the basic material

    In major cities it works great, I can comfortably surf the net for the basic materials. yelp, Facebook, email, chat should be ok. However I find the signal to be weak/not connecting when going out of the city a bit. If you look at the coverage map, imagine the strongest signal area, that's where you get coverage. Anything less than strong signal is probably not going to work.

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