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  • Star Z. - I cannot praise this enough

    I recently started drinking tea quite frequently and noticed that my veneers were turning brown. I have tried other teeth whitening systems such as the trays that you stick on for half an hour for 7 days and nothing seems to work. This is the only teeth whitening system that works and I am very impressed with it. I am a bit if a bad gal, not brushing the entire 2 minutes at times, and even then it still gets the job done. I love this product. I find it very impressive that it is both a toothpaste and a whitener and still works better than whitener kits.

  • Robert - Did not work for me

    Recommended to get my water stains off my house windows. It was like I used nothing. Followed all the directions, but it failed miserably. Back to using vinegar and rubbing compound. More work but at least you get a good result.

  • Joseph S. Upton - Be careful and think ahead

    Do you want to calculate your own payroll? You will have to buy a version of peachtree before 2013. You should back up your data on a 2nd or even 3rd computer. Make sure they all have the SAME "sage service pack" (updates that are released several times each year) and, of course, it has to be the same single-user package (same registration #, customer # and serial #......not another one. (Don't lose the registration, serial, customer numbers). I can't speak to multi-user. If you don't buy a new package every 3 years then the parts that need the internet (such as payroll) will stop working. I strongly recommend that you NEVER update a working accounting program in an existing business (unless you totally outgrow the capabilities of the software). How many people have regretted upgrading just for the sake of upgrading. Make all these decisions in advance. There are a thousand things that can go wrong with any accounting program. Keep it simple. Smaller businesses should consider using a different accounting program for inventory and sales and transferring the daily sales totals to peachtree, along with inventory figures (this is for people who are not religious about inventory and use the 'guesstimate' inventory system). Peachtree makes you "close the books" every two years. There are advantages and disadvantages to that. I prefer to start "a new company" every two years and transfer the opening numbers. It is extra work but it has advantages. I prefer to work with accounting software on a computer withOUT internet hooked up. It saves me a lot of heart ache down the road. I am still working with peachtree 2006 on XP and I love it. But I will take any version of peachtree/sage over quickbooks (there are sites dedicated to "I hate quickbooks").

  • Amazon Customer - Installing is a breeze if you know how to install Steam/UPlay

    Got the $60 pc/mac CD with the cord from here because Steam charges $40 for just the game and the official cable is another $40 from Amazon. I already had Steam installed and installed Ubisoft's UPlay right before I inserted the CD to install Rocksmith, very easy and not too time consuming. I then installed from the CD and it could not have been simpler, I really don't understand why people have been having such a hard time with it.

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