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  • Ringo5000 - This thing is awesome!

    First, let me address noise... THERE IS NONE. Anyone who says otherwise has a sadly defective one, or the noise is from something else in the room. Its plastic, but nicely made. It doesn't look of feel like a piece of Chinese junk. (Though it probably IS made in China... its not the typical garbage we often see) It cools well. I don't plan to use the warming feature, so I cant remark on it. It worth the extra few dollars for sure.

  • josieee - Got it as described

    Fast shipping. Item as described. Works like a charm. I'm on my 2nd bottle now. Skin is definitely improving. I used to have trouble skin and alot of blemish/pigmentation from old acne and some small bumps as well. Now I feel like it's gradually going away. I even get complimented by my mom (who does nothing but remind me of how much acne I have throughout all these years)

  • Christina - Will stick to cellucor

    Will stick to cellucor fat burners. This has a " chill " phase which gives me goosebumps every 30 seconds for a couple hours, then I sweat, which is good, but I feel like that's it. I still feel like I need to push myself. No energy boost at all

  • Hannah - Heavy Resource

    Great resource when teacher isn't around. Wish there was online help too that accompanied. Weighs like 5 pounds.

  • Amazon Customer - love it i went three boxes and they didn't work

    love it i went three boxes and they didn't work. order this one and it is awesome TV shows and movies.i recommend it. its a good buy,

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