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  • SteveElk - No results

    I just took my 30th pill this AM. Then went and closely check with a mirror any progress and compared to photos I had taken in the beginning. I could not see any growth of any kind. However, I had my doubts that 30 days was sufficient time in which to have any noticeable growth so I'm on my second bottle and will update at that time. I am a 73 year old male so age may have some effect or lack thereof. I am not concerned about my nails but have noticed no difference. If it works for you, terrific. We're not all the same and can probably expect differing results.

  • GPinNC - It absolutely doesn't work and is a complete waste of money

    This stuff doesn't do a thing. It absolutely doesn't work and is a complete waste of money. And don't be fooled by their "free" trial bottle.....if you order it you'll be signing yourself up to get another bottle each month automatically. Their websight is a scam....you have to go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on "TERMS" to find the real story.....that's the only place you'll ever see it. Do a websearch for "Probioslim reviews" and you'll see how many people have fallen for the scam.

  • Gstaffel - Powerful and quiet.

    This product will handle anything (except pumpkin seeds as I recently found out). It is quiet, but at a cost - the way it is made so quiet is to cover with a rubber seal that barely allows the water to drain. I am constantly having to use a spoon or to push open the rubber gasket to allow food and water to enter the unit.

  • Lewis Lopez - This will be the last time you search for chlorine.

    Can't beat the price. These chlorine tabs last a long time. They disolve slowly and do not give off a strong chlorine scent to the pool. I purchased one bucket last season and still have enough to cover this one. I will buy again.

  • RedLDM - Great product and price!

    I used this product when out in the redwoods for a few days and sleeping outside. It totally kept the bugs away, and I returned home without any bites. Highly recommended!

  • Wesley M. Bonds - Using the tenets in this book now to purchase my home

    This is a small but wonderful work on credit. The author makes the content easy to read and understand. I have applied the direction given in this book along with a few others to build my personal credit and to start working on my business credit. I am in the market for a new home now and knowing that my credit score is high is a wonderful feeling. I appreciate this new reference book in my life.

  • My $.02. - Don't throw away your mop! Mine stopped heating up and working after 6 months and 2 days.

    I bought this floor steamer to sanitize and make "mopping" my 748 square feet loft easier. I have a dog and wanted a quick and easy way to clean up the floors. I found it seemed to work pretty well on the cork floor but, as expected was a little to hot for the bathroom floor (vinyl squares?) which was no big deal, that space is small and I can easily clean by the ol' knee and hand method.

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