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  • mchinca - Love the smell!

    Bought this for my niece and it smells really nice (vanilla smell) but not at all overpowering. My brother usually does my niece's hair and he said it makes a difference with tangles and you can see how much healthier her hair looks.

  • MailBoxHead - Not good.

    Ive been try all the after shaves i could get my hands on to try and remove razor bumps and none of them work including this one. This one works the best out of all that ive tried but it doesnt remove all the razor bumps and the redness comes back after 4 hours. I had high hopes seeing as there are so many positive reviews.

  • jeff1965 - My Dog could put on a better production

    My Dog could put on a better production. I could have a bunch of 8 year old kids do a better job of making a movie. 2015 s worst movie ever award should be granted to this one. only made it 23 minutes in before I gave up.

  • J. Cable - Aronis 2010 - Raid backup doesn't work w Win7 64

    Aronis 2010 backup software locks up my machine and destroys my Raid 1 disk. System has to rebuild the disk. No support. Lots of compaints on forum and no answers. Wasted a lot of time with this product. I have used it for 5 years with great success but I am thru with it.

  • Back Suffer - Customer Service Nightmare

    I ordered the machine and it seemed to work relieving my back pain as advertised. However, it only worked for about 4 sessions then quit. I called Back-2-Life's "customer service" line and was told what has turned out to be a long series of lies. I was promised free return shipping and a replacement machine, I was then told they hadn't located the proof of purchase and would call me when they found it and arrange to pick up the defective machine. After a week, I called and was told that a supervisor would call back to discuss the lack of progress. After no call back, I called again and was told that a motor would be sent out (not the whole machine as I had been earlier promised) and I would receive it within a week. A week later and no motor, I am told that they have to check to see if they have the part and it will take 48 hours to find out if they have it. The bottom line is the machine does not function, and after 8 phone calls and 3 weeks I am still no closer to a remedy. The hassle with getting anything (including a straight answer) from Back-2-Life is NOT worth any benefit the machine may provide.

  • Kerri - Doesn't work so well on tile.

    My female dog has had a couple accidents in the house, on our tile flooring. I've read many articles/blogs saying that Nature's Miracle really helped, but that I needed to let it set on the grout for a while. I cleaned the area, then poured this over the tile and grout. The first time, I just let it set for a couple hours then blotted the area to pick up and excess. The second time, I let the solution dry on it's own. Unfortunately either way, didn't seem to deter her for very long. Maybe a week or so. This may work better on carpeting, but for tile it doesn't really do the trick.

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