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  • Mary L. Hanner - This is Good!

    I'm a skeptical buyer, but I've been testing my memory to see if there is any improvement in even the first month of this product, and I actually see some verifiable proof that I can remember more quickly and more accurately. It's a surprise, actually. i don't believe most of the hype on these products, but I do know that tumeric in the diets of people who cook with the spice affects memory.

  • James Young - Great VR,very comfortable,and works great!

    The headset looks fantastic and it fits my Note 5. Also,it very comfortable to wear. No QR code, but you can easily download the app from google. There are many VR apps available for free and paired with this headset. I'm very impressed with these glasses highly recommend it.

  • Rose Hacker - GREAT purchase

    LOVE this add on to the BOB stroller - it allowed me to run with my daughter from four months through almost 12 months. It was easy to use, very sturdy and stable, and made transitions from the car to stroller very simple.

  • Gregory S. Zyzanski - A great read for anyone interested in what is ailing our ...

    A great read for anyone interested in what is ailing our country and what to expect given our present course of action. Mr. Hartmann makes it clear as to why our economy seems destined for another crash and what we might do differently when it happens to prevent further crashes.

  • Kathy Douris - Good Exfoliator

    "They" say, as we get older we do not exfoliate naturally as we did when we were younger. This is a friendly way to do it. Not harsh and my skin feels very clean; ready for my cream. I would recommend it for anyone who thinks exfoliating is important as we age. I use it in the shower because it's not easy to get off using a face cloth in areas hardest hit with excess dead skin.

  • M. Santos - Best Price for Hard To Find Item

    This shampoo is hard to find. One Big Boix Store sells it once a year, maybe not in all locations. Been using for many years at the suggestion of my hairstylist. Used to purchase from an online beauty supply, which is no longer. Now buying here at a new low price! With Prime and S&S benefits I think this is the best deal on this product I've found.

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