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  • reTHiNK Perspectives | reTHINK - Inspiring stories from people who have been there and are thriving.  If you know nothing about mental unwellness and search for mental illness online, most
  • reTHiNK Workshops | reTHINK - Professional development for you, your team, or your organisation. reTHiNK Workshops promote resilience, change attitudes and share mental health strategies
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  • reTHiNK Schizophrenia – Discussions | reTHINK - This section contains links to articles, blogs and other content offering different views of mental illness and schizophrenia. The resources look at various
  • Previous reTHiNK Projects | reTHINK - Haven't caught up with the hype yet? Here it is: The Like Minds Big reTHiNK started life as The reTHiNK Grant. From 2009 - 2011 the reTHiNK Grant invited
  • reTHiNK 2009 | reTHINK - In 2009 the reTHiNK Grant funded a comedy show, a poetry book, a calendar and an art exhibition. Chris Brain for A Better
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  • Like Minds Perspectives | reTHINK - Find out what we think about madness in all its glory. Stigma and discrimination are two of the biggest barriers to recovery from mental health problems.
  • Personal Perspectives | reTHINK - Find out about madness from the people who experience its value. Read about how experts by personal experience understand mental health problems, stigma and
  • Ben Cragg – Playing Chess Against Yourself | reTHINK - Ben Cragg is the mysterious frontman of The Benka Boradovsky Bordello Band.  Hailing from Auckland, or “The Prague of the South”, The Benka Boradovsky
  • Egan Bidois – Madness on Your Own Terms | reTHINK - Egan Bidois works in specialist Maori mental health services as part of a group called Whakapai – He Whakarito, for Capital and Coast District Health Board
  • Gareth Edwards – Madness at Work | reTHINK - Gareth Edwards is the founding Director of Positive Thinking, a company that provides knowledge-based solutions for the Mental Health and Addictions sectors. As

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  • Amazon Customer - Fun book

    Loved this book! This is the first book I have read from this author and it definitely will not be the last. It was hilarious and full of adventure. Loved the chemistry with the Compass brothers especially Braxton. It held my interest the whole time and it was very hard to put down.

  • FoodNut - I like like mine soft poached so I knew I was ...

    Have a 1000W micro - I used power level 9 for 60secs - 1 large egg for experiment, 1st try. Let set for 30 secs. Guess what?? Came out hard poached. I like like mine soft poached so I knew I was getting closer at the 1st try. Whites were not 'rubbery' and yolk was solid. A real poached egg!! I did use room temp water and broke the egg into the little colander to drain off excess whites after using to fill to water line. Note, had to remove some water since the large egg I was using pushed the water to the top. It appears it will take some experimenting to get use to it but a far cry from trying the 'pan method' which I failed miserably at. Real poached eggs at last!!!

  • katherine h - Nice Effective Growth Serum

    I have always had short, thin eyelashes and eyebrows, with some routine lash fall-out. It had always appeared to me that men would have thicker and longer lashes than women, when it should be the other way around. I have tried other products in order to help with my brows and eyelashes, but this is the one serum that that I have actually had the kind of results to be amazed with. I have previously started with the BANG Eyebrow Growth Serum which effectively made my eyebrows thicker, and now with the some pretty dramatic results from using the BANG Eyelash Growth Serum, my eyelashes are catching up with my brows. The combination of my lashes of my lashes not falling out, and because of the use of this eyelash serum enhancing the length growth of my lashes, I have thicker and longer eyelashes than I did last month. This serum has really been very effective in providing the predicted results that I was hoping for. I am thoroughly pleased that eyelashes can actually be seen without the application of mascara. This is the most effective eyelash serum that I have used, and I highly recommend this product.

  • cincinnati Jake - Worst textbook I have had in years

    Considering this is not a first edition, the number of small errors in the text is breathtaking. The writing is cumbersome and compared to the many other similar texts, this one is a must-miss. If you are an instructor, please look elsewhere for the sake of your students.

  • Mrs. Hannah Carpenter - Best Cleaner Ever!

    We've tried so many cleaners for our carpets, and this is the only thing that's worked. Our dog throws up frequently, and everything else either doesn't take it out, or leaves a whitish, stiff spot. This takes it out and you can't even tell where it was. We've moved on to use it for anything that we spill or get dirty--furniture, clothes, etc. It takes out vomit stains and odor from kids really well too! I highly recommend it.

  • PRDG - super fast antivirus that doesnt bog down PC startup

    I decided to try this out after seeing the review in PC magazine. Its very fast and doesn't appear to slow down my PC or Laptop. It actually found a virus on my laptop that my previous antivirus software didn't catch. So far, I am very happy with its performance. This is maybe the first antivirus that I've used that runs the way I want it too. In the background without bothering me, keeping my PC/laptop safe without slowing them down.

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