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  • STEPHEN PECK - Not for the faint of heart

    I knew nothing about spread-sheets before reading this book. I am still learning and will be learning for a long time in the future. This book is complete, concise, precise and an authoritative presentation of Microsoft's Excel 2013. It is helping me construct a detailed monthly budget which enables me control expenditures. This book will be a valued instructor on Excel 2013 and a valuable library resource in the future. The book is worth the money that I spent.

  • Rose Red - IT DOES WORK, BUT.....

    I have been ill with Candida for 3 years this month and have been taking Threelac for a year now. I have to say that it does work, by significantly decreasing the intensity of my symptoms. I am much more functional then I was a year ago, according to my friends; however, it has not eradicated the problem. I experimented with a "regular diet" early on, as GHT says that you can eat normally (without sugar) two months into taking Threelac. I found that the product doesn't work at all if I am constantly eating bread, etc.-- but it does allow me to "cheat" 1 to 2 times every month - whereas before when I cheated I'd be debilitated for 1 to 3 days. I can eat low-glycemic fruits like apples and berries on a regular basis though. The only thing is, as I said, I'm still sick. I have started to take a human strain of Bifidus called "Biobifidus" in conjunction with the Threelac because I was told that since Threelac is not a human strain, it can't repopulate the intestines. I think its working better but its too early to tell. In the beginning, I was misdiagnosed with everything from Depression to Allergies by every conventional doctor I saw. I've been working with a progressive doctor that specializes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She told me that is possible I may also have Epstein Barr. This may be what is enabling the Candida to stay out of control because my immune system is busy fighting with the virus-- hence, why I'm not "fully better" (for anyone who is experiencing something similar). When I stopped taking Threelac after she told me this, my symptoms got much worse - and I am still trying to recover two months later. I am hoping that the Biobifidus will be able to repopulate my intestines, and I am not going to stop taking Threelac for awhile now. I also recommend Thorne Mediclear to heal the gut - it has made me feel a lot stronger.

  • Sandra L. Wilson - Not a Keeper

    At least in this first segment of A Shade of Vampire, it piques one's interest but the writing is somewhat sophomoric and slow. I wouldn't bother continuing with the rest of the series--unless they cost only $0.99.

  • TazMan - Works great - need to find a place though to store it when not in use

    Fits like intended. Works well but I do wish they did some other color on the back than the bland white. Once you roll it up you realize how big it really is. When not in use it takes up a lot of room in the car. In a hot climate it is definitely a must so I'll deal with it. This will be an issue of most of these big sun shades. After buying one you'll realize how big the windshield is on the C-max.

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