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City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • BeardPapa - A great versatile can cooler.

    I bought this product thinking that it only held 12 oz cans, but once I received it, I realized I was also able to use my taller 16 oz. cans as well (like energy drinks). I used this for my already cold energy drink and was able to sip from a cold can for over an hour. I then tested it by refrigerating the can cooler before using it and the cold staying power increased by about 30-45 minutes. This is definitely a quality product. The construction was solid and felt durable. The top screws on and off and was smooth and easy to remove without it accidentally being unscrewed while in use. The rubberized top also securely holds 12-16 oz cans with no slipping or obstruction of the mouth of the can. All in all a quality and useful product - especially on camping or outdoor trips.

  • Amanda W. - Nothing like using Quick books for Windows!!

    This Quickbooks for Mac, has no feature to allow you to manually do payroll without paying a "fee" minimum of $20.00 per month. I purchased a Mac and spent way more money than a Windows Desktop, specifically for our business. And I cannot even use the program the way it SHOULD be designed to be used. I am very disgusted with this program, and wish I would have known this sooner, I however found out the hard way, and tried to do payroll, and waited a total of 45 minutes on hold with Intuit, only to find that even if I do payroll myself, and have an accountant that does my tax filing, I have to pay the $20.00 a month. That is over $200.00 a year to pay our maximum of 5 employees. Just beware if you purchase this product, you cannot do payroll without paying an additional fee! It already cost over $200.00 for the program. I have Quickbooks on my old Windows computer, and will be installing software so that I can run the Windows version of QB on my Mac. I think that Intuit has made a HUGE mistake!!

  • Chunker - Great flashlight!

    I love this flashlight! I like it mostly because it has a digitally regulated output so the brightness is always the same until the battery dies. The other reason is that I can select different light levels...including strobe and SOS. Though I wish the strobe would be a constant fast flash instead of quick flashes for a few seconds then slower flashes for a few seconds then back to the quick flashing...

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