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  • Karen Borst - Steam stops working after a few uses!

    This seemed like a good, green alternative but after only four, possibly five uses, the steam stopped working. Inquiries sent to Haan yielded no help -- it was over the one year warranty. I suggest customers NOT buy this product that is usable for so few times and then has to be discarded (how green is that!).

  • Buckster - the reviews were right

    I found it very interesting that everyone was raving so much over a pot. But they were right. Le Cruset makes a great "french" oven. I have used mine several times and each time it has heated evenly and works for both a roaring boil and a light simmer. The extreme weight is a testament to the quality (but it doesn't make for easy removal of leftovers from the fridge). It looks so nice that, when not being used to store those leftovers, I keep it right on the stovetop. I'm sold on Le Cruset.

  • NorCalo - A Great Shot of Energy

    I like this product as a pre-workout supplement. It's caffeine-based, which you can definitely feel, and the thermogenic component really does get a good sweat going. Is it an absolutely must have? Probably not. However, it gives me just the right kick and focus to put in a good session at the gym.

  • emrm - Loads of information...

    Very useful insights. I read it on kindle and it would have been easier to use in a regular book format. I then signed up for their online services and I like the regular updates and recommendations better than the annual summary. However, you really need to read one year of the almanac to get the foundation of what they are talking about before going to their online subscription.

  • K. Magoto - Great product

    I used to use this product and told myself I wasn't worth the price. Recently I found a jar with just a little left. After using it I realized I needed to continue so I found it on Amazon. I do love this product and the size I bought will last for many months.

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