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  • Onahunch - Guided

    This book provides an enormous amount of information on almost every college in the country. Gives my son a tool for what to shoot for in deciding which colleges to apply to.

  • Amazon Customer - I am TRULY disappointed in this DVD

    I am TRULY disappointed in this DVD!!! As a Penguins fan, I was excited as hell to get this in my hands. Unfortunately, I would have preferred that they wait a couple of more months and actually put out a decent product than putting out this item that was OBVIOUSLY rushed to market! The main feature of this DVD is only 65 minutes long and none of the 'special features' are longer than 3:45 long. By way of comparison, the 2009 Stanley Cup DVD main feature is over 100 minutes long with several of the special features clocking in at over 15 minutes plus. Additionally, the 2009 disc includes a lot of the players days with the cup, etc. With the exception of the first ten minutes about the regular season, this disc has NOTHING but short recaps of each game in the playoff series and VERY short on-ice and locker room celebrations. Just a compete disappointment!

  • lucas - Skip it.

    This season is a real let down, not nearly as good as the previous seasons. The quality of the show really went downhill, the stories just aren't told well. Bummer.

  • Charlotte Boyett-Compo - If you love your pet, don't buy Hartz products!!!!!

    Two days ago I purchased six flea collars for my cats ranging in age from 15-2 years. All were perfectly healthy, up to date on their shots, had terrific appetites and no problem using the litter box. Tonight, I have six very sick cats...the oldest worse than the others. They are lethargic, throwing up, their eyes are matted, and they are not using the litter. They are on expensive urinary health dry food and are indoor cats. They ONLY new thing in their life has been the damned flea collars. Tomorrow I will be taking all six to the vet. DON'T USE HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!! I wish I had gone on the web to read what other pet owners had to say about this company before making my cats ill with this defective product. If I could get them a minus five review, I damned sure would!

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