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  • Amazon Customer - Sublime piece of kit

    This is an amazing action camera for the price good enough for first timers as well as experience users. There are people out there that will swear by the Gopro I say good luck to them as I believe this camera can hold its own with the best of brand names. The Gopro 3 Hero can set you back $299 and you don't get 4k! The Gopro 4 Hero as 4k but costs well over £499!! If anyone out there likes to save money without loosing the quality then please do the maths and for those who are not aware the accessories of the Gopro fits nicely on the ThiEYE camera. There are quite a few dealers selling this camera or similar but I've found that ThiEYE are a great choice to do business with. I find them professional,courteous and willing to sort out any concerns or problems before and after sales. As a buyer I believe you are always looking for an element of trust with a seller and I can safely say ThiEYE never once made me feel that I chose to do business with a dodgy seller. I have and will continue to use them with confidence.

  • Amy Sutton - Helpful for the small business owner

    Though I have lots of experience managing personal finances and software, figuring out Quickbooks was intimidating. This book gave me the accounting principles to finally understand what I was doing in QB, not just ham-hand my way through it! I had no experience or classes in double-entry bookkeeping and this was definitely something I needed to read.

  • Steven Stroud - Could have been 5 stars

    Well, this should have been a 5 star review because when I received it and got it connected it worked great. However, when I went to charge the receiver the second time the little USB socket in the transmitter popped into the inside of the transmitter! So for the 4 days it was a 5 star purchase but day 5 I had to return it.

  • David D - Horrible Product

    Do not buy this product very cheap and thin. The bottom piece where you plug in your charger broke with out even putting it on a Iphone as the 7 has not come out yet.

  • M. Guides - Worked well for me

    This stuff was the easiest stuff to use in the basement after a fogger didn't work. I spread this stuff over the whole floor using a broom to make sure it covered the floor well. We stayed out of the basement for two days to make sure the little buggers would walk across it, as it only works if they get it on them. I also bought a pesticide duster to powder under the baseboard heating and the washer/dryer or anything else I could not move easy. Now you have to clean this stuff up as you really dont want your pets getting it on them, we used a hepa vacuum for the bulk of it then switched to a swiffer wet duster as we have a tile floor in the basement. Very important to use a paper face mask and safety goggles when putting this stuff down and cleaning it up, it is an eye, nose and throat irritant.

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