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  • Graciela Pinela - Worked well for me!

    I had never used a sleep aid before but I recently have had trouble falling and staying asleep and decided to try ZzzQuil. I worked well for me! It was a company I can trust and I was not disappointed.

  • aw1200 - Forced to upgrade only because Intuit stopped download feature -- wish I hadn't

    I developed a very effective personal accounting system based on Quicken 2010. I used the account update features and developed a lot of my own ways of using Quicken. I didn't need or want to upgrade other than because Intuit refused to continue the account update feature for Quicken 2010.

  • wilberfan - I've Never Struggled So Much with a Piece of Software in My Life

    We got this software so my mother could track her expenses, etc, for a piece of rental property she bought 6 months ago.

  • Dr. Krauss - I would certainly buy it again.

    Completely satisfied with the quality of the product and installation instructions (videos) that the manufacturer provides. Very clear and straight to the point instructions. I thought mine had a blemish after I installed it on my tablet, but when I read the manufacturer notes it mentioned imperfections will disappear on their own. Sure enough, after just 1 day, the so-called blemish completely dissolved on its own. I wanted to mention this in my review in case anyone else thinks they have a flaw to just wait 24hrs, it's completely normal. Now I can't even notice it has a protector. I have zero regrets, I would certainly buy it again.

  • J. Courant - #1 for a reason

    This is the best selling set of wrenches on Amazon and I can clearly see why. The price is great and the actual product is too. The wrenches are well made and labelled and even come in a great roll-up case. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • Virginia biker - Unprofessional looking Bills. Buugy

    I was a certified public accountant before I became a tax lawyer many years ago. Thus, I understand how the accounting portion of the program should work. I also may be a curmudgeon but I am not enamored of change just for change's sake. The new, for me from QuickBooks 2010, dark left side icon interface added nothing to QuickBooks and it was the default setting which wasted my time having to try to find out how to get back the colorful (and easier to read) icons along the top of the window ( use View/Top Icon Bar). I can not see how that is progress.

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