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  • jerber - Great Sharpener

    I have had this sharpener for 30 years or so. I cut 6-8 cords of firewood a year. I have used it so long I wore out the little drive belt. For a few bucks I replaced it and it is up and going again. I have wore out a few grind stones also. It does a very good job. It will skin any hand held unit out there. It is precise on the angles and depth. It is 12 volt so you can use it in the field with your auto battery. If you use it in your shop you can use a battery charger (Low Amprage) to operate it. You can get different size stones for small or big chains. I use 7/32 and 5/32. The stones are easy to change out. If you go with this sharpener order a (Kool Grind) stick to put on the stone. It will hepl to keep the temper in your chain. A must for keeping your chain sharp.I like the fact they are still in business and the parts are still available.

  • Jennifer D. Kittrell - Great cleanse, exceptionally informative, well-rounded concept but EXTREMELY expensive for the average bear.

    This is an exceptionally comprehensive detox. I learned a tremendous amount about the food I eat and how it affects me physically. I loved that it included chapters on mental and spiritual cleansing as well as physical. I enjoyed several of the recipes and still use them even though I won't do this diet again (unless I find a sugar daddy--pardon the use of "sugar." lol). My one suggestion to the publisher would be that they include a workbook along with the book itself. It was tiresome flipping back and forth from shopping lists and recipes to the daily "pep talk" and journal questions. That said, (and this is where I wholeheartedly agree with other reviewers) this is a VERY EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING process. I know Dr. Hyman suggests that the trade off in healthy food pays for itself but I'm afraid not everyone can afford it even after factoring that in. [I could only buy a quarter of the supplements and that was my entire food budget for a month.] I live alone and took some time off to do this cleanse and ALL I did was cook and clean up afterwards. [Thank goodness for the detox soak--my favorite part.] Also, be aware that when you sign up for "support" you will be inundated with e-mails that want you to buy more stuff. [Ugh.] One final note: if you decide to do this, DO follow his advice on prep, particularly about weening off certain chemicals. You will go through a lot of changes and you'll survive it much better if you don't feel it all at once. :) OK. One more thing: Even though most of his suggestions are financially unsustainable for a person like me, the gradual difference I'm making in what goes in my pantry (and my body) and the information was worth the price of the book--ultimately.

  • Kevin R. Jenkins - An annual purchase for my wife's Christmas

    At my wife's request, I buy her a New Yorker cartoon calendar every year for Christmas. She loves it!

  • kimmi - AMAZED!

    I have been suffering from gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, feeling of being severely out of shape when I wasn't, depression and an overall sense of unwellness everyday for 10 years. I saw an infomercial about taking probiotics to essentially cure not only stomach issues, but also ailments such as asthma, eczema, and anxiety. I remembered a friend telling me about Align and how well it worked for her so, being at the end of my rope for a resolution, I decided to try it. Its been a week since I started and I feel amazing already! My symptoms have gone away with just a little bit of gas present, but hell, I'll take it over feeling like crap every single day! I hope it continues to amaze me because I'll take it for the rest of my life if it does! I wish I would've taken it sooner instead of wasting 10 years of my life feeling on the verge of death. I feel like a teenager again. Just awesome!!

  • Sarah - Cheap cocaine

    The plot is mildly interesting but an attentive reader could pick up on the "twists" from a mile away. The writing is elementary and the dialogue stiff, contrived, and unnatural. The characters are stereotypical, and almost maddeningly predictable. The hysterical wife, the in-over-his-head husband, the in-it-for-the-money step-father with his poised and unwitting millionaire wife, the femme fatale next door, the detective who somehow knows everything almost before it happens based on "instincts" alone. And of course in the end it's wrapped up just a little too neatly and conveniently, with a little bow on top. It kept me mostly entertained for a couple days without having to think too much. I would recommend borrowing it, or waiting until it's on sale.

  • Timothy Gore - Comfort, fun, and only a few flaws

    As a Rift owner, I wasn't expecting much. I have 20x20 so I figure it was going to be fun, but look bad. Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the fun part was through the roof. I bought Rigs and Until Dawn and really enjoy them both. My Rift is sitting collecting dust due to there being no killer app (or even good games), but everyone at my house is fighting over playing with the PSVR. They really nailed this. I just wish the PS4 had a rear USB port for this thing. Also, the short cable should have been a little longer. I'm 6 foot and the box swings and hits again my leg. It also weighs your down some when moving. I also wish they had done something with the interface, but oh well. Good luck switching from a control to move sticks unless you keep them close by. I might start putting them in my pockets so I don't have to feel around for them when I want them. The headset it much more comfortable than the Rift and feels lighter. All in all I'm happy with my purchase.

  • Vivian - But it is too bad that it didn't work for me completely

    I tried 2 bottles and they didn't stop the leak, they only reduced the amount of leakage. The fluid is definitely more viscous than Dexron III. The first time I used it, I topped off with most of the first bottle. I did notice that the amount of leakage was smaller. After consuming the rest of the first bottle, the leak continued, but at a slower rate, so I ordered the second bottle. With most of the second bottle consumed, the leakage was definitely much less than the original amount prior to using this product. But it is too bad that it didn't work for me completely.

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