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  • Susan Yankle - The grammy CDs never disappoint!

    I've always liked these type of Grammy nominee and winner CDs. I don't have an I phone/smart phone so I still like to buy CDs with hits from a variety of current artists.

  • Steven J. Lapriore Sr. - Technical Glitch/Buyer Beware!!!

    Went to do my taxes today(02/09) and should of knew something was wrong when I couldn't register online. Got through my federal taxes and went to download the state(NY), when I got an "ERROR" message.Out of date/can't connect to server. I called H&R Block, what a hassle that was just trying to find a phone number. Why can't they place it on the box? Was on hold for 1/2 hr. and the CSR was no help @ all. Seems there is a technical glitch that their I.T. people are working on. They were able to help some people, but it is still going on and I am one of those still affected. H&R Block wants me to wait 24-72 hrs. until they call me. Who wants to wait that long? Asked if I could get compensated and since I bought program through Amazon I would have to go through them. I'm going to try it on my laptop tomorrow. Will try to update this. Right now I'm not a happy camper. This is the 2nd major problem I've had with H&R Bock in 6 years. Is TurboTax the answer?

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