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  • David - From Very Over-Hyped Mattress to Practically Perfect

    I purchased this bed after I bought a Beautyrest Recharge from Sears. I returned the Beautyrest after 25 days because it was just too hot for me and my wife and caused us to constantly sift our position to find a cooler area of the bed. Loved the bed at first but then it was just too hot to live with...and this was in winter. Sears charges a 15% restocking fee so I decided to go ahead with the Casper since they don't charge anything for returns. In the end, I realized that buying a mattress from a place like Sears is just as big a gamble as buying from an online store like Casper or Amazon. You will never know how your body will react to a mattress unless you sleep on it for several weeks. Not to mention that the demo mattress I tried in store didn't really feel like the mattress i received. So trying a mattress out in a store is very over rated in my opinion and when they charge a restocking fee for returns...its a no brainer.

  • George Mosby - Handy travel reference

    Book has useful information re services accessible at various highway exits on major Interstate highways. Helpful for our travel trailer trips. We need to locate diesel fuel stations with easy access for our travel trailer in and out of the station.

  • Heidi L. Marshall - Some Entertainment

    This was good. I had a few laughs with this. I have watched both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters with interest. So the premise of this documentary held my interest. The ghost hunters were very funny. If the same people produced another documentary of any topic I would watch it. This was worth 1:41 of my time.

  • Nicholas Wagner - and have a basis to the review after feeling what it is like once the cycle is through

    I did an entire cycle of Stak and Test, followed up with M-Stak as directed by Animal. I wanted to wait to review, and have a basis to the review after feeling what it is like once the cycle is through. I had virtually no side effects, and once I was done with the product a few weeks later, I could tell I didn't have Animal products flowing through me anymore. Not that I lost any gains, I just didn't have the focus and mindset to hit it as hard as I had been on Animal products. Would certainly recommend. Animal makes fantastic products.

  • Garner - Awesome Product!

    This is a great “Game,” “Tool,” or “Practice” device. It has something for everyone who is interested in playing a Guitar. If you never touched a guitar you can start with the “Lessons” that show you how to hold the guitar, how to attach the strap, tune it, etc.. If you have played but are’t that good you can jump into “Learn a Song” & start practicing. If you are experienced you can play along just like you had a band with you or go to “Session Mode” and create your own band. My only complaint is that they have confusing navigation. The first time I turned it on it took me at least 10 minutes to figure out how to shut it off. Working through the menus takes some figuring out too. It’s worth it though. It’s one of the best things I have bought! I even got one for a friend and we get together with his teenage kids and have something interesting to connect the generations while actually learning something.

  • AA7WB - Awesome and I don't really miss the kidney.

    I've found it hardly any bother at all living with one kidney. Some small changes to my diet mostly. All worth it to be able to watch DWTS reruns and every new episode of Pawn Stars.

  • JayBird23 - You don't need to buy this product

    You don't need to buy it because it's just a combination of ingredients that you can get in other supplements for less price. It is a small dose as well. Not saying the product doesn't help or doesn't have good ingredients. Just saying for the price you can buy a better formula with nearly identical ingredients elsewhere. In fact the ingredients is VERY low dose and are very common for testosterone boosting supplement. So in a sense you're getting ripped off. 349mg mix is very very low for only 30 capsules. Save your money and search around. Far better products out there for less price.

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