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  • Kelly - Runs small

    It runs a little small but glad we had that in mind and ordered a medium for my 10yr old sister. She looks up to this soccer player. She was very Happy with it and couldn't wait to wear it.

  • Cleaning Machine - Awesome and don't need to use daily

    Does a great job removing plaque! My yorkie has terrible teeth and I started using this after needing his teeth professionally cleaned each year for two years in a row. This is going to save me so much money AND improve his health.

  • A. Barua - Comfortable

    My feet are pretty wide (EE). These cycling shoes were a pretty good fit. I did notice that any ride over 30 miles, my pinky toe on both feet were getting numb. Otherwise, the value proposition is pretty well on these shoes.

  • Christie Jeon - Highly recommended.

    As a self employed creative, this book helped me understand reasons behind certain behaviors, how to break away from it, and improve my productivity and engagement with current and future clients. The book is written in four parts with witty illustrations supporting the points and reflecting the tone of the author. Highly recommended.

  • Heather Quinn - Great results, would buy again

    Excited to have the chance to review Uptown Retinal cream. I am super pleased with the results I have had. I have been using it 1-2 times a day. In the morning I mix it with my regular face lotion which contains sunscreen. At night I apply to my "problem areas". They say when you turn 30, you get your first wrinkle. Well, I have HAD the crease line between my eyes from squinting, and I'm proud to say it's less noticeable and less deep since using this product. Retinol can cause increased skin sensitivity, but I have had no peeling or irritation. The natural ingredients are 71% organic; aloe, green tea, and shea butter restore firmness and elasticity. I definitely feel this product moisturizes and helped restore a more youthful appearance to my skin! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • pachanza - Returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010

    I bought a new HP Z420 Workstation last week and added Office Pro 2013, since we use 2010 in my office. I began the setup yesterday and Office 2013 kept giving me a message that it failed during install and I must try again later. I spent almost three hours on the phone with MS India or wherever "support" being passed to 5 different people, each of which were hopeless and could not get the product to install. The final person declared that it was a server problem on MS's end which would be fixed in 2-3 hours. I tried again this morning and still received the same installation failure error. The "support" was absolutely useless and I am returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010. I would say don't waste your time with Pro 2013.

  • LCBARRY - Kaplan GRE Review

    This book proved little help during my GRE preparation. I did not realize this until I borrowed the Manhattan GRE Prep books from a friend. The Manhattan GRE prep books are far superior to any GRE book I used. Any use of materials other than the Manhattan Prep is a waste of time.

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