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  • http://tanzania.trademetro.net/catalog/Metallic-Materials-101.html COPPER CATHODES GRADE A 99.99% - We have Copper Cathodes (99,99%) from CONGO RDC or ZAMBIA available in TANZANIA and can supply up to 5000 MT per month for 12 months Contract at 3500$/MT C&F.Buyer need to travel and signed the Contract face to face with Seller and the payment will be 30% minimum of the first shipment after contract signed and inspection by buyer and the Shipment will b
  • http://tanzania.trademetro.net/catalog/Non-metallic-Materials-103.html gold bars, gold dust and gold nuggets. - We Katkat investment & Minerals ltd are local gold mining company with a large scale of miners to supply gold worldwide in large quantity. We are miners and direct supplier of gold bars, gold dust and gold nuggets. We have pure gold dust, nuggets and bars for sale . We invite Buyers to contact for price and other details. As we represent a large number o
  • http://tanzania.trademetro.net/catalog/Non-metallic-Products-104.html Gold Nuggets - Gold Nuggets of Congo origin.with a purity of 98.6% minimum.packed in boxes and ready for exportation. SELLING GOLD NUGGETS ORIGIN FROM CONGO WITH GOOD PRICE OF USD 32000 PER KG

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  • Tropic Lightning - Over pay your Taxes by $444

    [[ASIN:B00A42LWHO H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State 2012 I bought this software to do my state and federal taxes. It had me paying an extra $444 to the State of Minnesota on the interest I earned on tax free State of Minnesota Bonds. So if you want to over pay your taxes be sure and buy H&R Block software. I called them three times to get their software fixed and each time they promised to get back to me. They never called and never fixed their software. No wonder they guarantee their software for audits because they have you over paying your taxes.

  • newswami - Worked great, but extremely short lifespan

    I needed to cut some concrete, and I didn't want to subject my good (much more expensive) grinder to the stone dust, so I picked one of these up. The grinder cut through the concrete with ease, and was working great until it started smoking and turned bright orange in the handle (motor burned up). I was running it only a few minutes at a time, giving it plenty of time to cool between uses, but it still burned up. This definitely didn't hold up to what Dewalt's grinders have in the past.

  • American Gothic - Like the size variety in this set, 1 bag was defective

    I love these vacuum bags to store winter clothes and linens between seasons. They do double duty in saving space and also protecting my wool clothes from moths. This set comes with multiple size bags and I was excited to get them because all of the ones we've purchased so far have been the really large bags and smaller ones would work out better for my sweaters. The day they arrived I transferred my sweaters over from one of my jumbo bags and used up all 4 of the large and all 4 medium bags. I put them in a drawer and then checked on them a couple days later. At that point 2 of the 8 had failed and were back to full size. The other 6 were holding strong. I thought it might be "user error" so I redid the two that failed and rechecked in a couple days. 1 of those 2 had lost it's seal again but the other one was fine. I redid that one again taking more care to go over and over the end of the bag zipper seal. It's now been a week and of the 8 non-travel bags I tried, 7 of them are fine and just the one seems to be defective.

  • John J Spert - Glad to have it.

    The screen has a smooth, slick surface that makes dragging simple. There's no loss of touch sensitivity. Since it's glass, I know that I'll be able to use alcohol wipes safely. (The plastic screen I used to have got slightly "bumpy" from using a wipe.) Between the printed instructions that came in the kit, and the videos on their website, installation was easy. The included suction cup really helped and I appreciated having it.The only thing I'd consider a downside is that I couldn't just lift a corner to remove a speck of dust without the whole thing lifting up. But that's a flaw that comes from its virtues, since the rigidity of the glass makes the installation simple which meant that I had no worries about wrinkles occurring. Overall, I'm glad I bought it to replace what I had.

  • WebGuyMike - Saving our equipment and our sanity!

    This UPS has performed perfectly! My power is notoriously unstable. I have my gaming PC, monitor and cable router connected to it. When the power blinks out I typically shut down the PC and then my internet will stay up for 5 hours on this unit so that me and the kids can still use our phones and tablets to stay entertained while we wait for the power to come back on.

  • CaliforniaBains - Took these tests on day 2 and day 1 before ...

    Took these tests on day 2 and day 1 before expected period and it was negative. Even though I knew from past pregnancy that I was pregnant.

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