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  • Pops - Overall not impressed- Previous versions are better

    The game is ok. Having owned all others prior to this, it's probably ranking towards the bottom of the Just Dances. The background graphics seem much more busy than previous versions. Also, one gripe I have with Amazon, I bought this new, but it came unwrapped.

  • Nhat Minh Hoang - Guitar for boons

    I'm a beginner Guitarist and this has helped me since. The Guitar is connected through USB which is then usable with the game. The game will calibrate the guitar and so It has a built in tuner. the selection of songs and minigames are interesting enough to play. However the option of paying extra songs are still not that great.

  • Jason Tyau - I have been loving it so far! The growth ...

    I have been loving it so far! The growth is not long enough for me to notice but it does seem thicker and fuller.I will have to keep using it to see if it will make it longer, which is what I am most interested in. The product doesn't irritate my eyes which I was a little worried about! I received a discount code in exchange for a honest review.

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