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  • Megan Sergeant - Easy to understand, Does what it promises

    The book was written in a conversational tone, very easy to understand. It didn't make me bored to tears, which is more than I can say for other PTCB study books. The content wasn't completely comprehensive, but this was a great study tool. I paired this with online resources and practice tests. There isn't any filler, it's just study content. I would recommend it for anyone getting prepared for the PTCB Exam. It definitely played a large role in my passing score.

  • Patsy Kingsley - The original and best.

    I have used this before and saw the price in the local drug store and thought I would never use it again. On a whim I checked Amazon and was pleasantly surprised to find it at a significant lower price than the drug store. The smell is great, the moisturizing factor is phenomenal, and the price was really good.

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