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  • Scott - High risk install, and read the fine print

    I read a couple of dozen reviews prior to picking up this product. I've been bitten before by Intuit and specifically by Quickbooks, so I wanted to know any hazards ahead of time. I didn't have much choice, however, unless I wanted to drop QB for another product, and I didn't have the time. Bottom line, every negative thing folks are posting here about this product and installation issues, is fact, not fiction:

  • jane stopes - Great book a must read for Bella fans old and new ;)

    I recieved this book ARC and what a huge privilage. Thank you Bella Forrest. Fabulous book , A little different from Bella but still as captivating. Violet a young girl bought up in a divided world where women and men have different roles, a world where only the fittest and smartest will survive. Matrus is peaceful and has no place for aggression and when Violets little brother Tim is marked Violet try's to help him escape and things take a terrible turn and there caught... we pick up several years later where Violet has spent yrs in correctional facilities and when an opportunity to redeem herself and finally see her brother Tim again she has no choice but to take it..... But all is not as it seems and when Violet has to marry a man in Patrus a whole new adventure is ahead for her, can she help her queen.... Can she stay in Patrus under the care of a stranger.... Can she abide by rules set out ? Rules where women are beneath a man... Rules where a woman is seen and not heard, rules that dictate how woman are treated in Patrus. Can she marry a man she's never met Lee Bertrand ? Can Violet take on the task set by the queen and remain in a land where a woman's rights are none? I have to say I love Violets strong character and the more I read the more exciting the story become. She marries a man she's never met Lee who is actually hot in a way but he's definatly not as he seems.... There's Viggo a warden of Parus now when I first met his character I knew he was hot and mysterious from the beginning and hoped there would be some chemistry with Violet and him, and there is but it's a tough and sad situation that actually had be holding my breath and tears in my eyes towards the end and I'm praying there's a book 2 as things just cannot be left like this. The book has some serious story with a twist of fate and some genuine feelings between the characters, I'd happily read this book again and recommend it to all Bellas readers old and new ;-)

  • Amazon Customer - Get out of my chair!!!

    These are HEAVEN! I bought these to put in our RV... Let the kids sit on the chairs that are 2" from the ground! We used them for the first time over Labor Day weekend when we went camping with a group of friends. The chairs really should come with a warning to not leave them unoccupied! We spent the weekend chasing people out of them! They were a definite hit.The price of these is the same you would pay for just 1 even at Costco and the quality is fantastic. They fold down very flat, so they easily slide into the basement storage of the RV and they're just as easy to set up. Very happy with them!

  • Edward Owen - Odor free at last

    I agree with some of the reviewers here that this product does not clean any better than some others, but it does clean as well as most products I've tried and it does not have a strong odor, very little if any odor. For that reason alone I highly recommend it. There's little worse than cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, then having to put up with a strong / nasty odor for the next hour, let alone while actually doing the job.

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