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  • After Suicide - Jane Lowe, The Yoga Connection - As the sister of a boy who was within days a statistic, to us he was and continues to be, so much more than that.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • BEL REVIEW'S - Great men's socks!

    I purchased this for my husband because all of a sudden his socks is always loosing I don't know where it go but anyway this socks came in 6 pair which is really nice. For the price? Ohh wow really great! He loves it! Fits good! Even he has big foot still this socks fits nice to him as it is really stretchy. He said it is really comfortable. Not really thick though but still he likes the material used very soft. Highly recommended for the boys in the house.

  • Susan Boyer - Amazingly effective

    I'm not one to write reviews, but this product worked within two hours. It was nearly a miracle. Without getting too personal, I was struggling with menorrhagia lasting more than 20 days. The progesterone and vitamin k in this product was exactly what I needed and it worked. Highly recommended to anyone with same issue.

  • Interstellar - Buy, don't install.

    Performance is terrible - and well known to Kaspersky. Their advice is to install 2014 and wait for 2016. No idea why they keep selling this one.

  • SeparatriX - Women sold separately

    When I purchased this binder, I was under the impression that it came full of women. I was sorely disappointed when I opened it to find it completely empty and devoid of women. Labeling needs to be clear that women are sold separately.

  • jess - ... been using this for a couple weeks now and love it. I have to be careful with things ...

    I've been using this for a couple weeks now and love it. I have to be careful with things that say they will help with puffiness and anti-aging, I'm allergic to anti inflammatories, but this eye gel has been perfect. I don't dispense an entire pump bc it would be too much. It also says you can use it all over your face so I've been taking any extra I don't use and applying to the rest of my face.

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