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    There is no telephone support offered for its products by The Neat Company. The offered email support is illusory. Repeated emails to Support elicit only automatic replies which are little more than an acknowledgement of receipt. The website and knowledge base are useless as they are not intuitive and offer no search function. The NeatWorks software will install on some Vista operating systems without a problem and fail on other Vista operating system. With the failures you are out of luck because there is no support.

  • Brad Ledford - Not very good

    I live in an apt in the suburbs of a mid sized town. I tried pointing the antenna in all directions and all I got was pixelated channels at best.

  • jacky martinez - Really work!

    I already had a nice plumped booty because of my genes but after using these i have really seen a slight improvement. I can see i got a little thicker and for some reason i noticed my legs got thicker as well. Im not complaining. I feel and look amazing! My friend started using these and they are working for her as well!

  • Kimberley E. Gallagher - Stabilized leg, Happy Leg.

    I decided it was time to start working out more intensively; however, I knew my bad knees would never forgive me for doing do. I don't weigh too much, I've always just had bad knees that could flare up from anything active. I ordered the small, and they fit my legs perfectly, albeit a bit tightly, which I assume is a good thing. They are very breathable, actually surprisingly so. For example, I just went on a hike in the Arizona heat (90 degrees at this time of the year), and my leg didn't get too sweaty, not more so than having socks or something. Basically what I am saying is that I didn't get overheated from having this on.

  • Amazon Customer - Mats look great, but do not fit the retention posts on ...

    Mats look great, but do not fit the retention posts on my 2012 SRX. Adam at Yates Performance was very helpful, but after weeks of sending emails and photos I still did not get a return, reimbursement or replacement. The mats do not stay securely in place, and in my opinion are not worth the money paid for " custom fit " mats.

  • Benjamin Rhodes - Don't bother

    This did absolutely nothing when my baby took it. Don't waste your time just buy fennel as that's this is. It also tastes awful which didn't help

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