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  • Pete - 4 out of 5

    Not the best tasting product health product that I've ever tried but certainly not the worst. As other's have said, the sweetness makes it more tolerable. One major benefit that I've noticed (even since my first glass two weeks ago) has been the loss of that groggy feeling between noon and 3pm. I no longer feel like I want to take a nap after lunch. Other than that, I can't report any noticeable benefits. I had some blood work done about two weeks before starting this product and I'd be curious to see if this drink has had any measurable beneficial affects on my cholesterol etc..... I give it 4 stars for the immediate improvement and (so far) sustained improvement in my mental alertness for those after lunch hours.

  • S.L. - The energy was crazy

    Every BPI product I've tried I've gotten some result from them, with this one being no different. Didn't see much a change in weight or inches, but the energy was exactly what I was looking for. I have very long days with 2 children 3 and under and this product was able to keep me going throughout the day.

  • dis-satisfied - great product

    Works every time if you follow the directions. It says give 48 hours without toxins, but to be safe i always give 72 and have never failed using this product. I always keep 1 on hand just incase. Like it says 48-72 hours and ONLY refill it 4 times or 32 OZ of water and your Golden

  • Big Head Kitty - Great time and money saver if your needs are simple

    My mother is 81 and had not updated her decades-old will. She has a simple estate - one house and a few thousand in savings. I was able to create a standard will, legal power of attorney, and health care directive for her in just a couple of hours. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. All we had to do was take them to her bank to be signed and notarized and we were done! We had both been putting off this inevitable task because we thought it would be difficult and time consuming and were relieved to find it was simple and cost effective. I would recommend this to anyone who needs simple legal documents.

  • alanna - ... the chocolate chip cookie dough bar & it tastes great! love that it is low in sugar and ...

    i tried the chocolate chip cookie dough bar & it tastes great! love that it is low in sugar and fat but enough calories to satisfy my hunger for a snack. the texture is a little soft, making the bar really chewy, but other than that it was good. would buy again and try a different flavor.

  • J. Spencer - It works.

    I was skeptical after reading mixed reviews, but figured I'd give this a try on my back. I was very surprised at how well this stuff works. Most of the 3 hour sitting I only felt pressure and vibration from the machine. I applied it about 2.5 hours prior to my appointment, and next time I'll probably do 4 hours prior. I read other reviews suggesting to apply it longer than the 1 hour prior that is listed on the bottle, so I tried that and it worked. Very happy with this product.

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