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  • Ellie B. - Get organized

    This is a great planner with monthly and weekly views and plentry of room for writing. The only complaint is that it is fairly heavy so not too convenient when traveling.

  • NJ Fit Family - Look back at 'em! ;)

    For at least the first 12 months (or more), your baby will be sitting in a rear facing car seat. It is the safest way for a young baby to travel. The problem is that when you look through your rear view mirror, you cannot see your baby. The back of the car seat completely blocks your view!

  • RobND - QuickBooks Pro 2010 - VERY SLOW!

    I just purchased QuickBooks Pro 2010 because it was recommended by our accountant. I have to admit that I am shocked how slow the program runs. It takes approximately 1 minute 20 seconds to open the program! We have very fast computers in our office due to the 3D imaging programs we use in our I can't blame the speed of our computers for this. As a new user of QuickBooks Pro 2010...I'm very disappointed. Don't buy this program unless you have a lot of time to wait around. I'd rather continue to use our old financial software than wait around for QuickBooks Pro 2010 to open.

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