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  • Amazon Customer - Holds very well

    I purchased this product hoping it would not have an overpowering scent and it does not. I am very sensitive to scents and this one does not bother me at all. It holds my hair well throughout the day so I would highly recommend it.

  • Love Amazon Digital Junkie - My review of this product

    Great hose. I have it on a hose reel cart that I also purchased thru Amazon. The hose does not kink around the reel which I love. I hope Gilmour is right about this being the the only hose I will ever have to buy. I am on a fixed income so I am always looking for products that will last a lifetime or a very long time. I purchased 100 feet so I have plenty of reach to water my flowers and wash my mobile home. I highly recommend this hose.

  • mem75 - Works great for strolling with baby in car seat

    This adapter, while seemingly overpriced, is a must-have if you want to use the BOB strollers before baby can hold his/her head up and has good head control. It works perfectly with the BOB revolution stroller (purchased in 2012) and the chicco keyfit 30 car seat (purchased late 2011). I agree with other reviewers that stated that this piece seems overpriced - especially for the short window of time you will use it. I used this from birth to 5 or 6 mos for my son which seemed like a pretty short period of time for the $45 price tag, but I used it almost daily for the first 3-4 mos (while I was on maternity leave) and weekly for the next couple of months (after I went back to work) which, for me, made it worth spending the money. Also, I held onto it after I no longer needed it for my son and I am now using it again for my daughter. Bottom line: I think it is well worth the money if you will use it frequently before baby can sit/hold head up on his/her own and/or if you will use it for more than one child.

  • Amazon Customer - Results not worth the trade-off.

    Total garbage. Within an hour of taking this stuff I became light-headed and anxious. Yes it did heighten my orgasm some but the trade-off was definitely not worth it. I took it on a couple of different nights and experienced the same unpleasant conditions both times. I now have a nearly full bottle of the stuff sitting in my cabinet. I thought it sounded fun but my natural orgasms are just fine without this junk..thank you.

  • Steven R. Daniels - The best there is

    This is quite simply the best publication around. Every issue has several really fascinating and surprising articles that treat their subject in full, satisfying detail and with some of the best writing you'll find anyplace. I also think the Kindle version is great and easy to use and I love the extras.

  • V. S. Castellano - Not a Good Description

    The description of the software is wrong. Business Contact Manager is not included and Office 2016 is not compatible with BCM.

  • Darby McCarthy - This product is crap plus there's the downside of absorbing chemicals through your ...

    Used as directed and even went on -ine first to see others recommendations. DOES NOT remove hair well. Stick to waxing/shaving. This product is crap plus there's the downside of absorbing chemicals through your skin. I would have given this a -5 had the star rating system been available.

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