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  • tim noble - WOW!!! Very noticeable difference in the first week.

    Let me start off by saying I am in the Psychiatry field and I study a lot about sleep patterns and sleep issues. I noticed that I could hardly remember any of my dreams. So I did some reading and found if you drink a glass of Apple juice before bed it would aid in more vivid dreams. Well it does work but then I heard about Alpha Brain and tried this product. Wow the first couple of nights I took this with apple juice my dreams were crazy vivid and lucid and pretty much very night after too. My memory seems to be a lot better too an my brain seems to just work more efficient.

  • Howard W. Gerald - Great tablet, beautiful display.. You must use the factory-supplied charging cable to charge it to 100%!

    This is a great tablet with a beautiful hi-res display. The only problem that I've had was getting the device to charge to 100%.. it would only charge to about 30% overnight. I had been plugging it into one of my existing charging cables, and finally came across the original charging cable that came with the tablet. It is a short cable, but significantly thicker than the other charging cables. When I tried the factory cable, it started charging to 100%!

  • Anita - Absolutely wonderful.

    Like three pieces of gently warmed bronze, these three boys just glow. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. Their music speaks for itself. Okay, yeah, maybe the voices are a little thin and harmonies not always there, but to me, that doesn't mar the performance at all. They are outspoken, playful, yet with deep purpose. A must for the long-time fan as well as the newbie.

  • Alex - Has saved 2 previously expired wet cell battery's so far

    just leave it hooked up and let it do its thing.... so far it has taken two battery's that would not hold charge and turned them back into holding 12.7+ dc volts with a whole bunch of life. could not be happier.

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