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  • Tommy - Havent watched it? Huh?

    Girlfriend loves it, funniest show ever she says. Oh that frank! She exclaims! You'd love it!! She yells at me.....I have sat down and watched an episode or two and it was funny as hell. Even though I haven't watched this show from beginning to end or even much at all. I can relate to that feeling of excitement that a show gives. For me it was Dexter, the walking dead and game of thrones are those shows for me now. So I feel fairly confident about giving a 5 star rating for something I really haven't watched. Yet.

  • D0w3r - Pretty nice solar panel

    This item works pretty well, I got a cigarette lighter USB adapter for it and now I can charge the batteries and 2 USB items all at the same time and have them fully charged in a day, tested a couple times with my Ipod, Kindle keyboard and cell phone. The next test will be if it can charge my tablet with 2 other items and get the same results. I purchased a 13 LED USB light from Gamesalor (great seller) for about $2.00 and after testing bought another ((from NiceEshop) if you buy one of these lights I strongly recommend Gamesalor the other sellers item has a weaker neck to it and was missing a screw making it unreliable) to use the 2 lights for camping I was disappointed to see a couple scuff/scratches on it and after calling customer service the guy told me to use a pencil eraser to clean them up, DO NOT DO THIS!! Now I have scratches and 2 smudge spots that are permanent on the panel, I don't know if this is affecting the unit or not as this is my first solar panel. Overall seems like a nice product though and I look forward to testing it out in the field.

  • alexandria hodges - MT BOOTY GOT FATTER

    I HAVE BEEN WORKING OUT ON MY BUTT and i did see a change i thought a little help would be good, i have been using it in the begining i did it every day twice a day n i started to fall of but i put it on time to time now n i think it works great i would get it again. My friend also noticed a diffrence in mi bottom and i never told anyone i got it bec i wanted to see if other people would notice. I think as long as you work out this product aids in helping it grow. I would get this again and im also interested on the pills.

  • Linda Papertsian - Title caught my eye

    Dr. Wright opened my eyes and changed my life. To start, throw away all the Tums and go from there. Doctors shy away from this discussion (I have spoken to two).

  • Sabbies - Magic Gel

    This stuff is magic--I had been seeing roaches in our kitchen for a while, and had tried a few sprays of other products, but once I squeezed this stuff into strategic little corners in the kitchen, roaches are gone. In the beginning, I saw a few dead roaches on the floor of the kitchen, which was gross, but a necessary evil, since it seems to have been effective and we haven't seen any roaches, live or dead, since then!

  • Cee P - I am sick of the music but that can only mean that my kids love the game and play it constantly

    As the adult, I am sick of the music but that can only mean that my kids love the game and play it constantly. Lots of current music, all the big stars and some good ones from the parents generation with some fun (and funny) dances.

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