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  • Krista - Punk 57

    I want to thank Penelope Douglas for writing this book. She did an incredible job with this story. I can relate and that's probably the most precious thing to me in this story.

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    Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son in college for repairs, costumes, etc. as an Art major in Design. We both had a chance to use over Christmas and we both agree this machine really works well with a variety of different types of fabric. This is a very nice basic machine for the price and easy to use. A good value for a college student, etc. Very pleased with this purchase.

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    This stuff definitely works! I tried this while on my tropical vacation where I knew I would have more than what I normally would drink in terms of rum drinks and I felt fantastic the next day. Normally I would be dragging and have a headache, but I felt fine and I worked out and proceeded to have a perfectly normal day. Definitely would by again.

  • Jay Spears - Best Bike Computer Yet!

    This is like having a laptop, iPad, and GPS all packed into a perfectly sized package that sits over my bar stem. I love the downloaded applications add-ons.

  • Iluvpopcorn - Sad about this product...

    This was sad. I really was excited to get this product and had been looking so forward to using it. The UV light is fine and all the polish was fine but the little white strips are horrible. They all cracked when I went to put them on the nail so I had to keep trying to use one that wasn't cracked so I ended up going through a few packages of them. Before I could take the white strip for the French Manicure off the plastic sheet it would crack into tiny pieces. I tried everything but still they would crack and end up a mess. I went through several packages and still they were cracked and looked bad.I can't believe they can't get a silk wrap or another matieral that would not crack. The very next day after applying them they started to crack under the polish and fell off.

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    I use the game by my sister and loved it. This is a real work out 90 cruches in one workout. I have purchesed it for my self and love it. My wife is on working out with it and also loves it.

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