Township of Washington - Home Page - The official website of the Township of Washington, Bergen County, New Jersey. This municipal site is primarily used to help communicate important community alerts, information and public announcements as well as provide residents with the ability to download and print commonly used forms.

Country:, North America, US

City: -118.7648 California, United States

  • Spaniel1287 - Do not waste your money

    This book is worthless. Do not waste your money. It may look good and most of the information may be correct, but I came across many math problems that were wrong and then even some biology information was false and would cause you to get questions wrong on the HESI if you went with what they said. I just knew from prior college biology classes of some thing you don't forget. It just seems that they did not proof read this at all.

  • Donnie207 - Are you kidding? Why haven't you ordered this yet?

    Amazing! For less than half the price of the OEM bumper I got a winner. Went right on with no fit issues. I did swap out the bumper/shackle bolts with hot dip galvanized bolts as I am in Maine and the supplied bolts will rust wicked quick.

  • vvakare - Great products

    Good product and very effective. We have seen good results. Organic and no chemicals. Would recommend to friends and family.

  • S King Fan - Not what I usually read so take with a grain of salt

    I got this free as a Prime member. It's not the kind of book I usually prefer, I usually go for horror or psychological thriller. Having said that this was a decent book. It kept my interest. I kept thinking there was going to be a twist and was thinking it would be predictable, but then there really was no twist at all so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Pretty simple story. I wasn't wowed by it but it passed the time while traveling recently.

  • M. Daniel - Super light and super comfortable.

    Wow, this was a major improvement over my Bell Lumen that is probably 5 years old. This helmet is noticeably lighter which results in much less neck pain during longer rides. It also provides much more ventilation that the Bell Lumen as well and I can actually feel the wind going between the helmet and the top of my head. After trying on multiple helmets, I found most of the helmets from Giro to fit the most comfortably across their product line. Getting it from Amazon saved me more than $100 what my area LBSs wanted.

  • Michael - Sorry folks, the inside cover is not even a little tempting.

    Sorry, but his hype on maintaining a youthful skin was sooooo full of bs and hyperbole.... and now I see that he has a product line of things to sell. Sorry folks, but being healthy is not about supplements nor is it primarily about prescription drugs. It is about taking good care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Eat well, work well, maintain good relationships, get an education, read books by thoughtful people, have healthy hobbies, stay physically and socially active. I have read a lot of things on nutritional supplementation over the years, and as a veterinarian who is also a physician, I have no hidden agendas, nor am I trying to sell books based on promoting fear and profiteering from fear.

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