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  • jeffrey middleton - buy any other guide, the practice test had a ...

    buy any other guide, the practice test had a lot of questions that were not covered in the study part. Is it helpful? yes to a point.

  • Julia - never thought I'd like an "As seen on TV" product...

    I never trust those products they hawk on informercials. Yes, they are intriguing to watch, but there is something very "side show" about them. Must buy on TV, shipping and handling rates are high, and if you want to return the product will the company be around or even refund your money? But like many of those commercials, it caught my attention, so I watched. I was impressed with the "5 years in the making" and that the make-up expert put her name on the product, which gave it a bit more credibility, instead of a no-name product and endorsement.

  • Laura Solawetz - ... so it will take me longer Dr Axe has great products I have recently bought his multi vitamin

    I have common variable immune deficientecy so it will take me longer Dr Axe has great products I have recently bought his multi vitamin

  • Amazon Customer - A good review guide

    So far I am glad that I got selected to review this product for a discounted price. I ordered this because I wanted to study it along with some other review materials to see if I was ready for the Pharm Tech exam. So far this book is easy to follow, has a good break down of information. However I will say I was expecting some of the sections to go into more detail than it does, but it does contain what it says in the description, and goes well with another informational book I have. I also like the format and the order it goes in, making it easier to understand what is going to be on the exam.

  • Alexander E. Paulsen - I really like this.

    I really like this. I think that when mixed with almond milk it is as good any any milkshake you can find. Yeah a little of the 'protein' taste but not objectionable at all. I use the vanilla with some Silk unsweetened almond milk for a great tasting drink.

  • James P - Very Happy with Peal & Seal a year on

    Last spring I used 6 rolls of 36" wide white Peal & Seal to replace trashed asphalt shingles on our 26x22 foot low slope patio roof on plywood decking with zero roofing experience. Fair amount of prep work involved. Plywood sheeting was weathered so had to repair ruff spots with wood putties and fillers and one low area with leveler. Per MFM I had to coat roof with an asphalt sealer (like they use on foundation walls) to insure adhesion due to the weathered plywood. You can skip that if you're applying it to new plywood. Couldn't use MFMs spray adhesives on edges as directed by MFM because California bans it's use. MFM told me to use 3M 77 adhesive spray which works great and is a good bit less expensive. Used the extra wide Gorilla tape to cover the plywood sheet seams and saved even more. They recommend two people for the job. I did about half of by myself. Very doable as long as you don't get in a hurry and it's not windy. Stuck half right near the 55 deg limit. Peal & Seal is very pliable, cuts easily with heavy duty scissors or a sharp utility knife and sticks well. It's been on a year now and has done exceptionally well through the spring rains, 100+ hot summer heat and cool winter temps. It looks like I installed it yesterday. I would use it again in a heartbeat. Almost forgot. MFM customer support was very helpful. They answered all my questions either via the phone or emails. Thumbs up!

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