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  • R.W. - and LOVE it - I use it far more than regular ...

    I haven't bought this on Amazon (in fact I'm here shopping because I've run out and I'm looking to see if it might be cheaper on Amazon than at the grocery store). But I've been using this product for years, and LOVE it - I use it far more than regular foil. I use it in place of parchment paper, I use it to line baking sheets so they don't need to be washed after use, I use it to put on top of things regular foil might otherwise stick to - things NEVER stick, they always slide right off, this is an indispensable kitchen tool for me.

  • Kathy G. Stallings - Excellent water raft!!!

    Well made. Mesh bottom lets water get on you and keeps you cool. Had a blast in it with the girls.

  • zach - This is an absolutely Great study book

    This is an absolutely Great study book. This is a comprehensive review that covers all likely areas of content that are going to be on the test. It includes practice test questions with detailed answers that clearly explain how the answer was arrived at and why it is the correct answer and not the other ones. It includes many test taking strategies that have proven themselves time and time again. They are something that even the most experienced test taker can learn from. Up-to-date test questions that really do help prep for the test. This ultra useful study guide has an Easy to follow flow that helps take in the material. The book keeps the material at the simplest level possible (while at the same time not leaving anything out or treating you like a child who can barely read, let alone foster intelligent thought) to ensure maximum understanding by all audiences. It covers just about everything that is going to be even remotely close to being on the test, leaving nothing out in its attempt to be utterly thorough. I felt much more relaxed and prepared for the test knowing that I had studied all the material that I could get my hands on, plus it is also guaranteed to raise your score or you can apply to get a full refund!

  • Andy Jackson - JOPA pulled its link

    It is sad that the JOPA page pulled its book review of this tome. If anybody has insight on why that happened it would be interesting reading.

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