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  • RedDixieCup - Wonderful for facial hair removal

    my favorite beauty product of 2015. I was getting my whole face threaded once a month (peach fuzzy) to the tune of about sixty bucks. These do the same thing, maybe even better. I've never had to deal with ingrown hairs or irritation. Also, this exfoliates the skin as you use it, and my face feels and looks clearer and brighter. I know a lot of people say shaving your face will make the hair grow back thicker and darker, but it's simply not true. I've been using this for about six months now and haven't seen any changes in the texture or color of my hair. What I have seen is that my makeup goes on smoother and hangs around longer.

  • Chet - Nice bottle but too industrial smelling

    Eh... The bottle design is cute for the bathroom but the scent is general odor-neutralizer. Chemically smelling at first, like what you may smell on an airline or other high volume restroom facilities. It does work though, no doubt. I wouldn't purchase again though. I'll stick with regular room sprays.

  • Debbie Hall - This is a terrible compilation of depressing stories that appear to have been ...

    This is a terrible compilation of depressing stories that appear to have been written to impress the literary community with no regard to outside readers. The book never got any better, sordid story after sordid story. Absolutely awful.

  • Josiah Firth - Horrific, lacking purpose

    Seasons 1-5 of TWD were literally the best shows ever. The storyline was captivating, the script was excellent, and what always stood out most to me was the best character development I've ever seen onscreen in those shows. Season 6 wasn't made with the mastery of the first five, but it was still some good Walking Dead.

  • Jessica A - Good in theory

    In theory, this is a great idea. The poster itself isn't very attractive. It's a standard white poster board with bubble wrap over it. The months and days all run together. It's hard to keep up with what day it is. You can't tell if a day is popped or not unless your standing right in front of it feeling it. It would be better with some sort of coloring, and definitely a change to the format. Maybe a separation of months? The plus side is that the kids do enjoy popping the days. To me, though, it's a rather large and unattractive piece of art that I have to try to find a place for in my home.

  • George Batman D.M. - super great remidy.........

    This the best!!! It healed my open wound of 9 years, in a month and a half, dissolved a small tumor, and stopped an irritating cough. God's miracle in a bottle.

  • J Armstrong - Horrible Customer Service on NuWave PIC online order

    Ordered a NuWave PIC and NuWave Mini Oven online. I received a confirmation email on the order immediately after the order was placed. It had the following number to contact customer service at 855-742-2665. I wasn't aware of the high shipping and processing costs that came with ordering online ($153.84 for the items and $114.85 for shipping and processing). I immediately called the customer service number but got a recording that they are are open at 7AM CST M-F. I called the following morning at 7AM CST and spoke with Carlos. He said that the order wasn't in his system and to call back. I asked when to call back and he said after lunch. He said that he didn't have a way to check on the order. Fine, I called back after lunch and spoke with Geri and Teresa (supervisor). Both of them said that they see the order and would put in a cancel request but I had to call back after 24 hours to see if it got cancelled. They said that if not, I would be responsible for the shipping and processing charge after I returned the items. I told her that I should only have to call once that this customer service number was on the order confirmation that I received by email. I asked if they worked for Hearthware and they said yes. I asked them to transfer me to shipping and they would not do that. I was informed that the call was being recorded and I would again have to call back in 24 hours to see if the cancel request went through in time to stop the item from being shipped.

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