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  • Grammie Roons - GET THIS BOOK!!!

    As a confirmed sugar addict all my life (I'll be 59 this summer) I have tried everything to get the weight off. I spent over $300 last year going to a nutritionist, eating fruits and veggies and on her STRONG recommendation, switching to AGAVE. For 6 weeks I thought I was eating sugar candy or baked goods but I still craved sweets every day. Between my yogurt with apple and raisins for breakfast and my big salad for lunch, I was consuming almost 100 grams of sugar a day in just those two meals! Every day was a struggle and I never felt any better. In 3 months I only lost 13 pounds and then gained back 20. I started the Belly Fat Cure 18 days ago and have lost 15 pounds, 3" from my waist, have more energy than I have had in years and have had NO SUGAR CRAVINGS!! I gave away 4 pair of size 18 jeans the first week and my size 16's are getting looser every day. I've given up Splenda, in everything except my sparkling waters as the soda Jorge recommends is too expensive. The recipes are FABULOUS with lots of variety. If you are struggling with belly fat and sugar addiction, GET THIS BOOK!!!!

  • iceskat - Great Product for Appetite Control!

    This is absolutely fabulous for controlling your appetite. I don't like the taste either so I pour a small amount of water in a plastic shot cup and add 5 drops. Then rinse my mouth with water. Do this 3x/day. I wanted to lose 20 lbs and already lost about 10 in 2-1/2 weeks.


    UPDATE: figured out what was wrong and decided to keep it. Not the product's fault. There was a defective fuse in my panel.

  • 51turtles - really no star

    advertising for this product is laughable it is a total crock they put you on auto delivery they prey on religious seniorsyou can't tell if you're taking it or if you're not taking it it doesn't work and rips people off just try to get off the delivery system.

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