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  • Sherry Skinner - A good, light weight riding glove

    A good, light weight riding glove! Nothing too rigid, with hard plastic, etc. Again, good, overall light weight trail riding glove with easy flexibility and rubber padding on the fingers. Solid and good fit!! Son loves them and wears them every time he rides.

  • Robert Schnelle - Execrable "Book"

    Amazon censored my last review of this execrable 'book." You can't blame Amazon: I suppose the would-be Dear Leader mandated this. Censored or not, you don't need Hillary's thick glasses to see this is the worst book ever ghost written for the worst candidate ever to run for President, and the worst human ever to draw a breath for whom no photograph in Nazi uniform is, so far, extant.

  • David W. Snow - QB forMac and QB for Windows are two totally different and incompatible programs

    When I start QB for Mac it recommend I use the PC version! When I talked to QB in India that stated that the following were incompatible: Payroll, all customized forms, reconciliation and MORE. I'll be trying the Windows QB with Parallel's PD8.

  • Ashish Nayak - Classic!

    I was very skeptical about the authenticity of this glass. However, I think that this is original ray ban based on the video I watched on you tube

  • Stephen - Easy and Fun

    I am not an artist. This is my 3rd drawing program. I love it. Easy to set up, easy to use. The help system is the manual (I think) and is a little brief. But the program itself is easy to learn with experimentation. For me, a beginner, this is a great starter drawing program. My guess is I will never need another. I can draw diagrams and trees with ease. The program is clearly capable of more than I am just yet, but seems very easy to learn so I expect to get better with it quickly.

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