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  • Emily Bailey - Pretty freaking good

    If you're into shake diets I totally recommend this. It's expensive so I was really, really skeptical but I did my best to prove that other shake mixes were better and couldn't. I had spreadsheets of statistics and calculations from cost to nutrition to ingredients, and Body by Vi came out on top everywhere but cost. And when people say it tastes like cake, they are not kidding. It really does. The only down side to this stuff, which is really true for all shake mixes, is that you really only end up mixing it with fruit and various milks, which is great, but it really pushes your carb total. You can mix with proteins (I love using almond butter and cocoa to make a shake that tastes like a Hershey's almond bar or with sugar-free Butterscotch pudding mix and peanut butter for a Butterfinger shake that is AMAZING) but you probably won't. You will end up mixing it with fruit. So if you don't care about protein/carb ratio, have at it!

  • Weezy - Definitely Helpful for charging several devices

    The product is good, but it had to be unplugged from time to time depending on what kind of cord I was using. I found that with secondary cords (especially those 10' colored cords being advertised for Apple products), don't seem to work as well. Overall, once I started exclusively using apple cords that came with my devices, I stopped having to unplug it and it worked fine. I just don't have that extension I prefer while my products are charging.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful agenda, but I wish it was a different size

    This is a beautiful book! It's gorgerous on the inside with a page of stickers you can use to decorate your agendas, 2 folder pockets, an introduction page, a place to write your "dates to celebrate" "party planning notes," and a section in the back of the book to write notes (about 15 pages double-sided (30 pages total)). EACH month is decorated differently with a theme and each page is decorated differently as well. And it comes with a band to keep your agenda closed so nothing comes flying out.

  • RGill - Annoying answer choices

    The book is ok. What I find annoying is that the answer choices for practice questions are not marked as A. B. C. etc but when you look for correct answer in the answer key sections, they are marked as A. B. C. etc. It is very inconvenient.

  • Michelle Johnson - Love love this product!

    I use this product all the time. I'm totally allergic to milk/ dairy products that comes from a cow. I can't even eat beef products. My grand children like it also. It may not be for everyone but I will just say give it a try.

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