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WholesomeEmotionalRecovery | Stumbling Upon Inner Peace Through Art and Science - Healthy mind, body, and spirit,. Mental health. Scientific studies and experts in mental and spiritual wellness. Guidelines for most complete recovery.

  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/addiction-in-general/ What is Addiction? | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Addiction can be broadly thought of as continuing to engaging in some activity, despite it significantly compromising the life of the user, and those around the
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/risks-of-drug-use/ Risks of Drug Abuse and Addiction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - The list is both extremely serious, and potentially endless. Drug addiction can make any single person fall down to the dregs of society, no matter their
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/defeating-drug-addiction/ Defeating Drug Addiction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Much information on this page overlaps with the alcohol addiction section. Addiction is a lifelong disease, just as are other mental illnesses. The person
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/tobacco-addiction/ Tobacco Addiction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - About one out of five deaths in the United States is due to cigarette smoking. It's fairly well believed by many experts that tobacco addiction, and especially
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/stimulant-addiction/ Stimulant Addiction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Stimulants, when abused, very directly target the pleasure center of the brain, the meoslimbic system. Stimulant abuse is notorious for causing a particular
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/opiate-and-opioid-addiction/ Opioid Addiction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Opioids activate special opioid receptors, one of which, the µ region, is heavily involved in addiction to many drugs, such as nicotine, ethanol , THC, ketamine
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/alcohol-and-benzodiazpine-addiction/ Alcohol Addiction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Warning: In order to get treatment for alcoholism, it is necessary to get in-patient care. Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal, and requires careful oversight by
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/disclaimer-important/ Disclaimer | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - This section is of utmost importance. WholsesomEmotionalRecovery (WER)... includes ideas expressed by qualified medical experts, but is not written by
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/if-someone-is-suicidal/ If Someone is Suicidal | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - People immersed in thoughts and feelings of suicide... Generally are desensitized to feelings and thoughts of pain and death Think that they are an
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/a-mental-health-introduction/ A Mental Health Introduction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Warning signs of mental illness include those suggested by The American Psychiatric Association National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Mental
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/signs-of-mental-illness/ What Are Warning Signs? | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - The American Psychiatric Association (APA) determines how to diagnose mental illness. Their rules are published in what's called the Diagnostic and Statistical
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/so-what-is-mental-illness/ What is Mental Illness, and What Isn't It? | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - I obviously can't diagnose anyone. But my experience has taught me a lot. Simply put, one has a mental illness when, with little reason, they become caught in a
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/society-lack-of-care/ Mental Illness in Society | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - For every person in a hospital for mental illness, ten others desperately need to be. Some of these reasons are due to... Shyness Not knowing how to
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/some-basic-terminology/ Introductory Terms and Explanations | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Far from all of what's discussed in the site will be in this section. Hopefully, though, it goes over enough so that the rest of the site makes more sense
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/legal/ Basic Legal Terms (Insurance, Housing, Illness, Substances) | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - The Earning Governmental Assistance page offers greater insight. Insurance Copay: for a given service or medication, the amount of money that one's
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/psychological-wellness/ Wellness Terms (Recovery, Therapies, Mood, Perception) | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Recovery Activities of daily living (ADL's): maintaining proper hygiene Taking prescribed medication Not using recreational drugs Receving the support of
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/body-biology/ Body-Chemical Basics | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - The drug affecting the body Pharmacodynamics: how a drug affects the brain Such as increasing the release of the chemical dopamine Neurotoxic:
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/medication-and-drug-type/ Basic Medication and Drug Categories | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Here we have an introduction of psychoactive chemicals (chemicals that find their way into the brain, and modify one's mental state). Types of recreational
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/drug-and-medication-use/ Basic Medication and Drug Use Patterns | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Abuse: a pattern of drug use characterized by an irrational involvment with aquiring and using a drug, and great tendency for relapse after stopping use Going
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/getting-governmental-assisstance/ Earning Governmental Assistance | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - I don't have a lot of information, but I happily offer my knowledge. A lot of people don't know that they qualify for insurance, food stamps, and monetary
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/marijuana-an-introduction/ Marijuana: An Introduction | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Marijuana is a part of the female cannabis plant, the flower bud, usually unpollinated, as less energy is then used to create seeds, which don't add to the high
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/marijuana-some-history/ Marijuana: Some History | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - And now we have a bit of history. Before the American ban https://i2.wp.com/www.businesspundit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/TherapeuticSep1908p101
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/marijuana-healthy-harmful/ Marijuana: Harm | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - One of the teachings of Buddha was called The Middle Way. It's simple: strive for equality between polarities. For example, on the parenting continuum,
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/marijuana-overall-value/ Marijuana: Health | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - We all know that high-THC marijuana can cause euphoria, anxiety, dysphoria (unhappiness), psychotic symptoms, and clear intoxication. Drugs that produce a high
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/the-promise-of-cannabidiol-cbd/ The Promise of Cannabidiol (CBD) | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Cannabidiol (CBD) is usually the second-most common cannabinoid in weed, the first being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). https://healthyhempoil.com/wp
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/the-three-pillars-of-recovery/ The Three External Pillars of Recovery | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Medication-Therapy-Support If the mentally ill engages, chances are they can have a life. Medication Pharmaceutical medication sets the foundation for people
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/the-three-pillars-of-recovery/questions-and-answers-related-to-support/ Support Q & A | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - A common theme of these questions concerns how to make someone engage in treatment. The reality is that, outside of one being a danger, there is no way to make
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/my-approach-to-wellness/ The Three Internal Pillars of Recovery | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Mind-Body-Spirit All are necessary to feed. All affect each other. Mind When we say "mind", what do we mean? Perhaps it's "The part of a person that makes
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/moving-movies/ Moving Movies | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs and head right to the reviews. My Movie Background I'd never been much of a "movie guy". That was one of my dear
  • http://wholesomeemotionalrecovery.com/what-are-nootropics/ What Are Nootropics? Why Nootropics? | WholesomeEmotionalRecovery - A nootropic is a chemical that enhances at least one kind of cognition, that improves higher thinking. Some people think nootropics add intelligence, others

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  • Dyana - Schwartz Bioresearch A Very Cool Company...

    I am so loving this brand of Turmeric. I have gone through several brands of some very pricey, and yes good as far as pain relief goes, but not as good as this one is. To me. This mix I cannot find anywhere, have been looking for it a long time, and I promised myself I had to give it time to work. So glad I did. Have a right drop foot, severe chronic pain like a vice grip is there. Besides my pain meds which never take away the pain totally I needed something else and started experimenting here on Amazon, a wealth of information with the reviews. So I've been ordering different brands for awhile. Schwartz Bioresearch brand of Turmeric is absolutely superior to me not only because it takes that edge of pain away, but it actually is vibrating there, a really cool feeling of relief is going on down in my foot. I can do things I cannot normally do. It's wonderful. I have a routine of taking three in the morning and three in the afternoon, sometimes adding, depends. I am excessive because the pain is so excessive. Amounts taken are different for everyone I'm sure.

  • Maria - Great results if you use it properly.

    The very first time you use it you might feel a tingly/crashing sensation but it gets better. It does wonders, as it gives you energy and it helps you shred extra pounds. I wouldn't recommend taking them when you're not planning on going to the gym.

  • Elena - Natural and tasty and FAST

    Best instant potatoes. I cook usually from scratch. But with this potatoes.,. Why bother. They are great and if you compare the ingredients with other famous brands that have all kinds of additives in there it is definitely a winner

  • HUNAYA C. - Future CPhT!

    The practice test are irreplaceable! Great Study Guide...1 month until exam time! This study guide includes dosing formulas, drug class info and schedules. This will help me prepare for hospital, retail store and mail order pharmacy specific quedtions! #FutureCPhT. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

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  • Jane Salley - Fiber glass shower stall sparkles!

    My fiber glass shower stall was stained and dingy. I tried all the popular bathroom cleaners on the market, and while they made the shower clean, it was still dingy. The Zap removed the stains and made it look new again. I'm very happy with it.

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