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3dminfographie - Bienvenue sur 3dminfographie, le site entièrement consacré à l'imagerie numérique 3D. Je suis basé à Saint Etienne dans la Loire - 42 - Rhône Alpes. Passionné de graphisme 3D et freelance depuis 8 ans, je travaille pour des agences de communications, des entreprises ou bien des particuliers. Besoin d'un perspecitviste ou d'un graphiste 3D, n'hésitez pas à me contacter

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • jawturbo - Poor user interface, too complicated for what the product does

    Gave this product 2 stars: interface is too complicated and, IMHO, the product has a serious problem.

  • Orion - Back power made easy

    This is a definite must. The quality and performance is way worth it. I totally recommend this product.

  • Dr. John. - Slick and clean.

    Not a pro, just a hobby player and have used different kinds of oil. Al Cass is so much better. I play a Bach Strat 37 and a Yamaha student 232 vintage for fun. Both horns do well with this oil. The Bach works so much better. The Bach oil really didn't cut it but this stuff is like the Slick 50 for the trumpet. Valves are very happy. I can't say enough good about this oil. Yeah, the bottle is a little flimsy but if you're careful with it, no problems should emerge. Remember to keep your horn happy by keeping it clean and slides greased. great oil. Love it.

  • Mommy buys too many shoes - Best 100.00 ever spent!

    Got this for my 3 year old and she loves it! You can load tons of games, books, and videos on it. We take road trips from the bay area to southern California often and I must say this thing is a life saver! She practices writing her letters, watching her favorite videos, reading popular books, and drawing/painting pictures. Very durable; she's dropped this thing down the stair well of our parking garage numerous times and it still works like new. Word of advice though, invest in a few sets of rechargeable batteries because your kid will not want to put this thing down. We bought ours in the beginning of October(now mid-March)and my daughter still loves playing with it everyday! She has even learned to plug it into the computer herself and pick out new apps.

  • Dennis L. Hughes - Not impressed

    I was very excited to see this product. I wanted something that provided me with more parental controls than were available through Windows (e.g., setting how long a child can be on the computer any given day). There are a couple of problems with this software. 1) It is not at all intuitive. I typically can figure out how to use a new software application fairly quickly, but that was not so with Family Protection. I looked online to get some guidance (there was no manual), and didn't find what I needed. 2) An online password (separate from the normal Windows password) is required for every account (whether Family Protection is turned on for that user or not). I don't think my 5 year old would be able to log into the computer with this requirement.

  • Nate - Exercise Game for Wii

    Good fun game for grandson and family to exercise to during winter months. Most is very appropriate and graphics help keep his attention.

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