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آژانس مسافرتی افشید گشت - پروازهای داخلی و خارجی, تورهای داخلی, تورهای خارجی, شرکت خدمات مسافرتی آفشید گشت جهان, هتلهای داخلی, پروازهای داخلی, جزیره زیبای کیش, مشهد مقدس, جزیره قشم, شیراز, استانبول, خدمات گردشگری, تور, پرواز, امکان خرید آنلاین

Country:, Asia, IR

City: 51.4231 , Iran

  • Way too much crapola - No index. No way to go to specific chapters.

    I purchased the Kindle version. I have a Kindle touch. There is no way to 'move around' in the text. No chapter index. No nothing. So I when into my kindle on the amazon website and scanned to a chapter (book) that I want to start reading. Then I sync it up with my Kindle touch. Now I can read forward from that point. To go back or forward I have to go one page at a time. Major defect. The page numbers are meaningless as well. Just to give you a heads up !

  • PingPongPattie - Stay Away From This One!

    I downloaded AVG trial package to my brand new top of the line HP PC and after a couple of days I couldn't stand the constant pop-ups reminding me that I only had so many days left on the trial copy. When I deleted the AVG software all of my screen and system settings were changed to minimize performance and even after correcting these settings my computer has slowed to a crawl and crashes every 10 minutes. Every folder, file, and program that used to take a split second to open now take 10 to 20 seconds to repond and often have to be re-openned several times before they are responsive! I have no doubt that AVG sabatoged my computer in the hope that I will buy their software package to fix the problems they created!!!

  • E.G. - Contains added fragrance -- bad for allergies

    To preface, I did not buy this from Amazon nor an Amazon vendor, but I thought that my point of view as an allergy-sufferer might be useful with regard to the "good for sensitive skin" claims of the ATOMY SKIN CARE 6 SYSTEM:

  • Kelly M - Good Prep

    I am really glad I got this book before the test. It has a lot of great tips and explains what the graders are looking for. The layout is easy to follow. The online practice tests are identical to the real thing. It is nice to go in already knowing what to expect. The price of the book is well worth it compared to paying for and having to take the test a second time!

  • Lyndsy Dailey - * This book is fantastic. I've read the 7 books in the Joe ...

    *I was given an advance copy of this book to read and write a review. However, being provided a copy of the book for free doesn't influence my opinion since I would have been able to read it on Kindle Unlimited anyway.*

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