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  • Jessica Diaz-Peralta - Works like a charm.

    I wear this under a belt wrap against my skin when working out or waitressing while running around at work. Makes you sweat. I also started wearing it on my feet under my socks because it helps increase the circulation when my feet swell from being on them all day.

  • Daniel - DO NOT PURCHASE

    This is a S&H rip off. Deceptive advertising. Pay more for S&H than the product. Temp control not accurate. Sear setting still not good enough. Cost at least $20 to return which means processing and handling is extreme...The company knows this and still rips off hundreds maybe thousands of customers who are unaware of this. Any company with a don't give a damn attitude should not supported. It is also made in China. Every dollar spent in China ends up costing jobs in the US. Money does not get recycled into our economy and therefore cost jobs. DON'T support this company ripping of consumers and costing your children their jobs. Buy USA and support your economy.


    I am a 20 year old female and this was absolutely the biggest disappointment for me. I always ate healthy and exercised daily before trying this product. I followed the guidelines step by step and gained weight and inches on this challenge. I felt terrible, my face severely broke out and waking up with a headache was the normal for me during these 24 days. This product is great for someone who never ate healthy before and doesn't know the true meaning of a "balanced diet". The vitamins are full of chemicals and caffeine and I couldn't pronounce half off the ingredients in any of the products. I really do not recommend this product to anyone who is healthy and wants to just lose a few pounds. Get a nutritionist and a personal trainer and live life the healthy way not the toxic way.

  • Frederick Bohnen - Great!

    Huge bag (i bought the largest side)! Converts to a backpack which is very handy when traveling with bulky items. I would highly recommend the large bag if you are looking for an above average duffel bag. Quality seems great.

  • JJeggsandB - Great product

    I purchased this product to test a plug that I replaced. Using it is very simple - just plug it in and make sure the proper lights illuminate. Some people have written about problems with the GFCI tester button. I did not purchase this with the intent to test GFCI plugs, I tried it out and it worked great; just lightly pressing the button would cause the GFCI to trip.

  • Kathleen Y. - Works Well

    This is a product that works well and removes the dead skin as stated. I would recommend this product to friends and family. I have used everyday for 3 weeks and can tell a difference in my complexion.

  • DLightful Living Young - Nutrient Logic and common sense prevails

    This is a good book to inform those without a pharmaceutical background about the benefits of natural supplements. It seems as though the author promotes a particular brand (Jarrow) which is filled with artificial colors and other ingredients. So, really it is up to the reader to use their own 'Nutrient Logic' and determine what would be best for them. I was hoping there would also be other topics in the book but was a bit disappointed that they were not covered. The book is okay but use common sense when determining what supplements would work best for you and good luck!

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