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#1 Adult Weight Loss & Fitness Camp - Start Today! Welcome to Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp & Weight Loss / Fat Camp for Adults. Come have yourself a CFS Fitness Vacation! - Want to lose weight fast? Spend time on beautiful Florida beaches at Weight Crafters All Inclusive Adult Weight Loss Camp. Not just a fat camp, our weight loss experts will actively assist you in changing your life! Join us and have yourself a CFS Fitness Vacation today!

  • https://www.cfscamp.com/contact-us/ Talk To A Weight Loss Expert Today! - Contact Weight Crafters' Fitness Retreat / Fat Farm / Fat Camp for Adults - Take the first step in your journey of health and happiness - Call or email Weight Crafters today to find out how we can help you achieve complete health renewal!
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/cfs-live-in-weight-loss-and-fitness-programs/ Weight Loss Done Better! Come See the Live In All Inclusive Fitness & Weight Loss 'Fat Camp' Programs for Adults at WeightCrafters! - Better than fat camp! Ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months, our all inclusive live in weight loss and fitness retreat will help you burn fat and regain your health! We really are more than just a fat camp.
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/true-fire-fitness-system/ Fast, Safe Weight Loss IS Possible! Experience True Fire - The most advanced fitness and weight loss programs. Exclusively at CFS - far more than just a fat camp! - True Fire uses the body's natural healing process, by manipulating the body and mind into a state of accelerated loss and regeneration. The results are phenomenal, and unlike anything currently being used in the fitness industry. We're definitely more than just another fat camp!
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/fitness-activities-and-typical-schedule/ Get Fit Fast! Check out our activities at WeightCrafters' CFS Adult Fitness Camp, Fat Camp & Weight Loss Retreat - Just a sampling of the types of activities and daily routines you can expect while you're with us at the CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults.
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/testimonials/ Client Testimonials - See what others have to say about Weight Crafters! - Don't just take our word for it - listen to what our clients have to say about their time at Weight Crafters...
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/reservations-and-availability/ Rates & Availability for CFS Adult Fitness and Weight Loss Camp by WeightCrafters - Looking to schedule your stay at CFS? If so, there's no reason to wait. Securing your stay in advance guarantees your spot for exactly when you need it!
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/fitness-camp-discounts-and-specials/ Affordable Weight Loss Programs - Offers and Discounts on our Weight Loss and Fitness Programs at CFS - Weight loss camp just got more affordable - CFS provides discounts for groups and organizations, as well as selected occupations and health risks...
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/cfs-fitness-camp-accommodations/ White Sands Weight Loss - Accommodations with Benefits at CFS Madeira Beach! It's far more than just a fat camp! - When you're drained of energy after a long day of working out, there's nothing better than a comfortable retreat with everything you need to feel at home.
  • https://www.cfscamp.com/news/ Health and Fitness News: Learn from the Pros at Weight Crafters! - Our Health, Fitness and Weight Loss News section focuses on health, wellness and fitness issues that affect us all. We welcome your feedback!

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  • Lola - Great, easy reading test review

    This is a well-written book. It was pretty easy reading, concise, to the point of what the exam focuses on. I like books that are succinct and bulleted. I tend to get overwhelmed by books that have too much information. I think that test preparation books that make things simpler is better for me for exams that have a lot of content. I passed the Med-Surg exam and find that the books for the PCCN is a little more information filled. I think that I’ve gotten lost and forgot to focus on the biggest makeup of the exam – cardio. The book has a 100 practice question. The only thing that I wish that the book has is that it provided rationale to the answers so that I could understand and learn more instead of just accepting the answers. It helps to look up the answer but it would be nice to get a little guidance because it can get frustrating when the stress builds up and I get the answer wrong. I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I usually read the reviews before buying products from Amazon and is the reason why I think it’s important to be honest and be informed. If this review was helpful to you, please click “Yes” below. Thank you.

  • Ganesh Devaraj - Brings Einstein kind of clarity to business management

    In this book, Collins mentions about how, before Einstein, two other eminent scientists wrote down a formally equivalent theory to Einstein's theory of Special Relativity, but it was not until Einstein's piercing insight simplified the theory to some basic postulates, did scientists appreciate the truth. For people who were trying to build a solid business and get it on the path to greatness, the spectacular growth (atleast in market value) of companies during the Internet boom years did not ring true, but who would listen, least of all the hundreds of VCs fueling this exuberance. In contrast, the insights gained by Collins and his team, from over 15,000 hours of well-directed research done over five years, will ring true to anybody who is going through the process of building a great company through deliberate steps without being swayed by the most current management fad or the hottest unrelated market opportunity.

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