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Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre (DAMEC) - DAMEC’s mission is to reduce the harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs within culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in New South Wales.

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  • diane - Beware of long term use

    When I first started using Nerium I was happy with the results. While I didn't see a significant change in wrinkles I did like the new texture of my skin. It also faded some scarring. After 4 months I began having pretty severe bags under my eyes along with some swelling around my eyes. It didn't last but would come and go every week or so. I also developed a slight rash around my eyes. I went to see my dermatologist who prescribed an anti-inflammatory cream for the rash. This took care of the rash and the bags under my eyes decreased. I was told to only use the cream for two weeks. After two weeks, the bags were back. They did however go down after a couple of days. I was stumped. I didn't think it was the Nerium because I had used it for so long with no problems. After two months of on and off eye swelling I developed a rash at the corners of my mouth and back on the eyes. No significant bags under my eyes but still not normal. My face just hurt. I decided to read reviews of Nerium and realized that was the problem! So upset that I didn't read these sooner. I don't consider myself as having sensitive skin but I do feel that over time this product can create issues. I only hope that my face will return to pre-Nerium state.

  • SnowBuc - Wife Loves It

    My wife loves all things Maxine so this was an easy sell....but it is a nice big calendar that has plenty of space to write appointments, etc while still providing a monthly quip sure to bring a smile to your face every time you pass by.

  • Rebecca - good songs, weird moves

    the suggested songs are pretty annoying and i don't know why anyone would want to dance to slow songs. the dance moves themselves are pretty random and involve a lot of moving around which isn't always a good idea in a small space or a room with a lot of people. Although there is an "upcoming" move section in the bottom right corner, there's hardly enough time to grasp whatever the current move is and by that time it's too late. I do think this would be fun after your 3rd or 4th time through once you're familiar with the song and it's nice that there are group options and that you get bonus points for singing along . This would probably be better for cheer leaders or energetic people who don't mind all the crazy dance moves that you basically have to memorize that have you all over the place. The reason why I got this game was mainly because it's very easy to navigate even if you're new to xbox or kinect, which is not true for other dancing games. I also prefer the 2014 songs over a lot of other versions and even if you have the option to buy more songs, I'd rather not buy a $40 game just to then go and buy $15 worth of add ons

  • GovLibrarian - Bye Bye Redness didn't work for me either. The ...

    Bye Bye Redness didn't work for me either. The product was sort of putty-like and did not cover up my redress. I had to say "Goodbye" to "Bye Bye Redness". I really did want it to work.

  • Mzintelligent1 - the sound would be great if it didn't keep separating

    Disappointing, the sound would be great if it didn't keep separating. Little to no instruction given. Returned immediately.

  • Treszka - Actually works for me.

    I have been taking these BASE Fat Burner for about two weeks now. I don't like to take diet pills, because I found most of them not effective at all. These are easy to take, just two pills a day. I usually take them after dinner, since during the day I'm running around all the time, and I usually forget it. Well, I am happy to report that I lost three pounds last week! It a big deal for me because after reaching the fifty, the scale pretty much topped out, and didn't budge what so ever. So far, so good.

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