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  • H Carper - hubcaps

    These hubcaps do not fin my 2006 Toyota Seinna, as described above. After trying to get one assembled, I found it to be about 1/4 inch too small.

  • A photographer - Decent enough for fans but weak in comparison to other books in the series

    This is certainly not the best of the the books in the series but it's okay for fans. I liked it fine but it reads more like a short story that Johnson fleshed out to make book length. Sections just go on and on without any significance to the storyline and the characters seem less like the characters we've come to know and love over the life of the series. There's too much banter on the part of Walt and too much brooding on the part of Henry. I'll not go into detail of the plot since I'm sure some of the reviews have done so at length. Suffice it to say it's not a crowning achievement for the author but it's decent enough for followers of the series to enjoy.

  • Amazon Customer - THE best water treatment! Does it all, and it's concentrated so you only need a few drops!

    This is it! This is the water treatment every aquarium owner needs to get. I used probably every other brand, till I found this, I didn't buy anything else since. Here is why. First it does it all, it removes chlorine from tap water, it detoxify ammonia and nitrite (which you'll have in a new tank for weeks) so instead of having a bunch of different bottles to deal with each of things, this one does it all! And does it way better than any other! And the second reason, this one I only need to put (for a 10 gallon aquarium) a few drops, versus the other brands that I had to put like 5 or 10 ml. Each dose, this is because Seachem Prime is concentrated. So a few drops is all you need, so this bottle lasts me 10 times longer than the others did, so your getting way more bang for your buck.

  • The Anxious Gypsy - Coco Luxe is Coco LUXURIOUS!

    Live coconuivenything? Well you haven't had LUXURIOUS until you have tried Coco Lyxe. Pure as pure can be. And the scent teansports you away. I use it to do my oil face cleaning and as cuticle treatment before bed. When I use sugar scrubs in my hands or feet, Coco Luxe comes right on board to soothe and nourish my skin. After I straighten my hair, I take dab of Coco Luxe and rub it between my palms and run my hands through my hair. Salon ready abd nourished!

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