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  • Andrea - This is a great treadmill!!

    I started looking for a treadmill a couple weeks ago, and would have bought one just like this for $699 at a local retail sports store, but they were out of stock. I tried an online retailer that I have a membership with, and their price was better, but they wanted $100 for shipping! I finally tried Amazon, and was amazed at the price, and free shipping. It was delivered two days earlier than I expected, and the carrier called for an appointment and they were prompt and carried the box just where I wanted it. The directions say you need two people, but I put it together myself in about 1 1/2 hours. You'll need some of your own tools, but they supply the allen keys for the bolts that need them. The parts were packaged well and easy to identify, and the directions were easy and clear for each step. Read them all first before starting, it will help. The only issue I had was I some of the screws went in REALLY hard, and I was worried about stripping them, but it was all fine. I called Proform customer service and waited quite a long time before giving up and calling back and speaking to someone in sales instead, since all I wanted to know is if I had to install the fold up storage support locking bar if I never intended to move it, and they said it's not necessary. So far a great product for the price.

  • Lets Passoni - Not impress.....

    I don't know if I was expecting too much. I have baby fine hair and I think that is why the brush pulled a lot of hair. It really straight the hair but is not a substitute for a flat iron. You must be careful using this tool, I burned my fingers and hand. To be another tool different than a flat iron, I prefer the in style brush.

  • lili - Great vacuum for the price- use it more than my Oreck

    I bought this from Amazon after watching the infomercial a few times. I wanted to replace the little green Eureka that I got to keep down stairs

  • Amazon Customer - DON'T BUY...unless you like bugs.

    I just bought this software and it is, indeed, buggy. Full of bugs. Lots of them. And I only installed it today. I have written, tested and implemented software for 20 years. Somebody did not do their due diligence on this one.

  • Skibum - Great choice for ankle injuries: get mobile!

    I wish I knew of this product when I was recovering from the broken ankle 6 mos ago! I'm now recovering from microfracture surgery, which means non weight bearing for 4 weeks. I am way more mobile than I would have been with traditional crutches: I can cook, carry items form room to room and it is the ONLY way I can get up and down the stairs (very carefully mind you). I spent 9 weeks on crutches earlier this year, weakening both of my legs to the point where I needed rehab for my knees (they kept locking due to quad muscle weakness). I expect to keep my upper leg strength through this recovery.

  • Amazon Customer - PCOS + Metformin + Pregnitude = PREGNANT in 2 months!

    I have severe PCOS (ex. - my AMH was 48 at it's highest, retrieved 90+ eggs during my first IVF cycle). After 5+ years of trying IVF (including a 20 week loss of twins and a miscarriage), we turned to a gestational carrier. I wasn't ready to go back on birth control, but my face was oily and out of control so I asked my doctor for something safe to take if by some small chance I got pregnant. She recommended Pregnitude. I read the awesome reviews, but had zero expectations of getting pregnant. This supplement combined with Metformin ER 1500mg (which brought my AMH down significantly - probably 3-9 range) is believed to be what got me pregnant! My RE doctor was astonished! Now the surrogate and I are both pregnant and due 3 weeks apart! Good luck, it's worth a shot!

  • A. Staff - For the price I expected better coverage. It goes on nice and smooth

    For the price I expected better coverage . It goes on nice and smooth. I noticed after a few hours it leaves my face patchy, and not covered very well. Its suppose to be a tint, which I like, but I have found better tints for more reasonable price.

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