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National Centre for Research on Europe - University of Canterbury - New Zealand - University of Canterbury - National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE). University courses in European Studies. Christchurch, New Zealand

Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174 , New Zealand

  • Mr. Colin Mcelhatton - A solid story book for kids.

    My 5-year-old kid enjoyed the tales in this book. The stories are short enough to keep kids interested while still offering compelling story-telling with the occasional "moral" being thrown in for good measure.

  • Essential for Step 1 - Essential for Step 1

    If you plan on taking the USMLE Step 1, forget about trying to read all of those high yield books... there just isn't time. Instead, study this book, and hit up the Kaplan Qbank and you should be in good shape if you've been paying attention in classes for the past two years. It's got very concise and specific info that's great for answering standardized test style questions. It's absolutely essential, and worth the investment. Also, if you have an older version.. keep it. They dont change much year to year, but for sure grab one of them because it will save you a lot of time, and can only help your score.

  • Momoffour - Love this chair!

    We love this seat! It fits perfectly on our island, which does not have a very deep edge. Had trouble finding a hook on chair that would work, and this is just right! Very good quality as well!

  • L. Isun - but everything just looks better, spots

    wow, yes, spend the money. age spots faded, not gone, but definitely faded, my skin is smoother, my pores have shrunk by at least half. not sure if there is any firming going on, but everything just looks better, spots, clarity, pores, maybe even a little glow happening.

  • CAROLYN - Med School Admission Requirements

    I bought this book for my niece who is planning to attend med school, and she found it to be very comprehensive and full of ideas and good advice

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