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  • Kyrie - Great Sneakers!

    First off I got these in two days which was awesome! They fit perfectly...not too snug or too lose. The colors are vibrant and super cute and match my Nike workout clothes exactly.

  • Robert Wedwick - Esperanto Dictionary

    The dictionary includes lots of new words and phrases for keeping Esperanto up with the current world, such as words for modern computers and other scientific advances. At the front of the dictionary, Wells includes a concise grammar reference and an abundance of abbreviations. It also deals with much of the ambiguity of English, such as the many definitions for the word "bill."

  • Amazon Customer - Buy it. Read it. Try it.

    The really amazing thing about Athol's approach to married game is that there really are no tricks. He's basically advocating that if you want to turn on your wife you need to make changes to yourself in order to be more of a turn-on. The bottom line is you end up happy because your wife is turned on by you and your wife ends up happy because she has the gift of a fully engaged and attractive man, just like the one she chose to marry years ago. It's very interesting to read some of the negative reviews – they seem so far off the mark but I suppose that's just exactly the kind of thing an author is going to get when they start experiencing success.

  • J. B. - Good volume but itchy..

    I think this is making my hair thicker volume wise but I'm still losing hair quite a bit and it also seems to aggravate my very mild psoriasis...like the volume but wouldn't mind losing the itchy skin.

  • Daniel Terci - High quality product for charging your Mac in your car

    This is the Mac car charger Apple missed having it among its official accessories. Does the job as it should be and the manufacture quality and choice of materials is superior to any other alternative. I have searched for several in car charging solutions and Pawtec was the also the most compact option of them all. Fully recommend.

  • Richard Katerndahl - The book's thesis is that America was indeed "exceptional" but is rapidly becoming less so.

    The book provides compelling evidence of a frightening social breakdown in the past 50 years in the U.S. exceeding my worst fears. The author's belief in the "founding virtues" as the key to what made this country exceptional is convincing and by the end I could not help but fear for and care greatly about the prospects of the survival of the "American project." I'll be giving copies of this book to friends and family members with whom I have discussed it at possibly tiresome length.

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